‘Life After Lockup’: Salty Sarah Snaps Over Side Chick – Does She Still Want Michael?

Life After Lockup’s Sarah Simmons throws Michael Simmon’s skinny a*s straight out the door after finding out he brought his side bae with him to visit his kids. Shane Whitlow confesses to Lacey that he cheated right before the wedding. Angela Gail needs help from her Pastor with Tony’s ho fixation.

Andrea Edwards whines and dines with Lamar Jackson. And Brittany Santiago vows to confront her past. Time to empty the ashtray and break it all down in this LAL recap of season 2 episode 46, Con-Fessions. Catch the show Friday nights at 9 PM on WE tv.

Sarah Simmons’ Got 99 Problems and a B*tch is One – Life After Lockup

Michael finally came to see his kids at Sarah Simmon’s house. But it ain’t going too well. Bitter baby mama Sarah sent the kids to grandma’s. With the tots out of the house, Sarah pulls out the big guns. She calls out Michael for bringing a chick to bang in-between daddy duties. Sarah Simmons also accuses him of boozing. He claps back that this ain’t about his bevy of cash app b*tches. It’s about the kids.

On Life After Lockup, Sarah Simmons screams in her alt accent and kicks him out. But she can’t resist running outside to keep it going. He says Sarah’s just salty because she still wants him. Then, Sarah throws her neon acrylics around like Ginsu knives. Better watch it Mike – those are sharp enough to put an eye out. She says nothing could be further from the truth. Michael calls a cab on Life After Lockup.

Later, he finds his flava of the week chilling at the pool. He gives a run-down of the baby mama drama to Maria. She rubs his leg and says stupid things. New bae talks about going to plan B. Where she’ll visit Sarah Simmons. Huh? She sent him cash and nudes for a month and now is his bodyguard? Michael mumbles about laws and rights. My bet: Sarah Simmons mops the floor with him on Life After Lockup.

Angela Gail Seeks Help From Brother Joey on LAL

On Life After Lockup, even Angela’s ashes are tired of this dumb stakeout. So, she gives up, heads into the house, and crawls in bed next to sleepy Tony. In the morning, she’s in scrubs giving him the cold shoulder. She admits she stalked him from the driveway. In rare footage, Ang has a convo without lighting up. She tells him he deserves to be tested – perhaps literally as well since he was getting with hos at the Hep-C Suites.

Later on Life After Lockup, Angela decides they can go for a ride. She says during the prostitute phase, they weren’t sexually active. But she’s “hopin’ that ull change real soon”. Mama wants some D. Better chase it with a penicillin cocktail – just sayin’. She smooches him while driving and pulls up to a church. Tony starts to sweat and wants to know whats going on.

On Life After Lockup, it seems Angela’s close friend Pastor Brother Joey offers to help. He listens to the messy details of Tony’s pro ho addiction. Brother J kind of looks like a buttoned-down version of Slingblade. He digs deep. It seems Tony’s dad was a real SOB who cheated and beat his kids. Angela comforts Tony while he cries and vows to do right. Nice work Bro Joe. It’s a Love After Lockup miracle.

Andrea Makes It all About Her

Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson go out to a nice dinner on Life After Lockup. Before the bread even hits the table, she’s complaining. She says Lamar was all about her in prison but now doesn’t give her the time of day. Maybe because you make him sleep on the couch and tease him with bird masks and vibrators. Seriously? This poor man just wants to drink some wine and have his spaghetti and meatballs and she’s all up his a**.

On Life After Lockup, Andrea says they need to decide where to live. But it can’t be California. She complains he played basketball with his brother. Lamar points out that there is room for everybody. And that he is still adjusting to being on the outside. Andrea says she is the one who has sacrificed and had it tough. Not somebody who spent 20 years in prison on Life After Lockup.

She throws out some options – divorce or a life sentence in the state of Utah on her couch with no chance of parole. Ever. And criticism of every single thing you say or do. Lamar says he wants to make it work. He wants to be there for her and the kids. And eat his spaghetti. But Mormon Debbie Downer’s still fussing as the meatballs go cold on Life After Lockup. Lamar, you might want to consider that divorce.

Lacey’s Boobs Go Roller Skating

On Life After Lockup, Lacey’s ex Jon-Chon is rehabbing in a split level. His Lacey-hating sister shows up to check on him. Chon says he’s doing great but still hung up on Lacey. His sister reminds him Lacey got him sent to jail and does him dirty. Chon doesn’t care – he is in luuurve with the curvy cam girl and doesn’t care who knows it. Or that she’s married. Sis says if he gets back with Lacey, the fam’s bailing. He doesn’t care.

Lacey and Shane Whitlow drop the kids at her pop’s on Life After Lockup. They head out for a wholesome night at the roller rink. Her ta-tas are two loops ahead as they skate. Shane bites the dust several times – but calls busting his rear hella fun. But something’s weighing on him. And crushing him. Something other than Lacey’s left breast. And he needs to come clean.

On Life After Lockup, Shane blurts out that he got drunk and cheated before the wedding. Lacey kind of laughs and asks why he married her then. She calls him pathetic and storms off. Shane runs through the rink yelling her name, but it’s too late. Lacey and her triple H’s peel out of the parking lot and leave Shane in a dust cloud of gravel. Get ready Chon — this could be your big break on Life After Lockup.

Brittany Wants Closure on Life After Lockup

Brittany Santiago hasn’t had it easy. She was on the streets at 12 and fell in with a much older man who offered help. Then, came drugs, crimes, and two pregnancies before she was 16. She lost custody and rights to the kids who were adopted. So, with the help of wine and Google, she finds that their scumbag dad who she calls a pedophile (sort of bleeped out) was fighting for custody at one time.

On Life After Lockup, Britt cries. Why does she have to pay for all the sh*t done by the adults who failed her and took advantage when she was a child. So, Marcelino Santiago supports his wife. And he worries she could end up more heartbroken by digging into her past. But Brittany needs closure. So, she finds out her ex will be sprung in a month. And even though she knows Marcelino won’t like it, she plans to ambush him at the parole office.

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