‘Life After Lockup’: Sarah’s New Man & Lacey’s Baby Bumping in New Season

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal Sarah Simmons has a new man – and, Lacey teases a baby on the way. Meanwhile, each returning couple has their own drama to deal with on this special four-part quarantine edition of the WEtv spinoff. And, teasers show lockdown pushes some couples over the edge.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Sarah Simmons Has a New Man

The complicated Life After Lockup storyline for Sarah Simmons is alive and well in fresh episodes of the WEtv spinoff. Ongoing drama continues with Michael Simmons relating to seeing his girls. And, spoilers say there’s even more than that in store for the estranged former lovers.

Life After Lockup spoilers report Sarah Simmons has a new man. And, it’s news Michael Simmons doesn’t expect based on teaser clips. Michael hooked up with his wife on the previous season. And, Sarah Simmons can’t seem to stay away from Michael for good. But, this may be the final push Sarah needs to branch out on her own.

Life After Lockup watchers wonder when Sarah will finally kick her felon husband Michael Simmonsto the curb. Every time she gets close to it, Michael Simmons finds a way to pull her back into his orbit. But, it looks like Sarah finally breaks away from him. And, it seems having a new man in her life makes that transition easier overall for Sarah Simmons.

Life After Lockup spoilers also say Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson head to California following a family vote. Whether they’d live in California or Utah is a big part of their storyline. And, Andrea isn’t happy with the family decision. She has safety concerns when it comes to living there with Lamar Jackson. And, whether or not something bad happens to her or one of her children is an ongoing concern for her.

Life After Lockup: Michael Simmons - Sarah Simmons

Lacey Pregnant with Shane Whitlow’s Baby?

Things blew up for Lacey and Shane Whitlow in a big way on the last Life After Lockup. Shane Whitlow said he cheated on his wife with someone else. And, she didn’t take the news well. Lacey kicked her husband out and renewed her romance with John Slater.

This Life After Lockup love triangle storyline is a popular one for WEtv. And, it didn’t take Lacey long to crawl back to John once things blew up with Shane Whitlow. But, Life After Lockup spoilers tease a pregnancy for Lacey. And, this has the potential to up the drama in their storyline considerably – especially if John still hangs around.

Whether or not Lacey sticks with her husband is an ongoing question for Life After Lockup fans. They’ve come close to calling it quits a number of times. And, watchers will see more from their storyline once things pick up in fresh episodes.

Life After Lockup: Lacey

Life After Lockup: What to Expect in All-New Season

Life After Lockup spoilers show drama for Brittany Dodd Santiago and Marcelino Santiago, too. Brittany reconnected with her mother in previous episodes. Her mother abandoned her when she was a young girl. And, as a result, Brittany Dodd Santiago lived life on the street.

Brittany invites her mother to live with her and Marcelino Santiago in Las Vegas. But, teasers show her mother goes back to her old habits. And, that puts a major strain on their relationship. On top of that, Brittany has a new baby with Marcelino to worry about as well.

In addition, Life After Lockup spoilers say Tony and Angela Gail throw in the towel. Turns out, Tony ditched Angela not long after their wedding on the previous season. And, there are still a lot of unresolved issues for the high-drama couple. Meanwhile, sneak peek clips say Angela Gail moves on with another inmate. But, her sister doesn’t want her repeating the same mistakes. This is especially true since things with Tony are still fresh in new episodes.

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