‘Life After Lockup’: Michael Simmons Drama Unravels – Pregnancy Tests Black Eyes and More

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal Megan, Sarah Simmons, and Maria caught in Michael Simmons‘ web. A lot of things hit the fan based on season teasers for the WEtv show. And, spoiler clips report a lot of drama in store as things unravel. What else do sneak peek clips reveal?

Life After Lockup: Michael’s Girlfriend Maria Has Black Eye – Sarah Simmons to the Rescue?

Michael Simmons saw his kids on the most recent Life After Lockup. But, there was a catch. He brought one of his side chicks, Maria, with him to New York to see them. And, teasers show all hell breaks loose. Michael said Maria is his girlfriend. And, he seems to be over Megan. He brought Maria along with him even though he knew it would cause friction. Meanwhile, things reached a boiling point between Michael and Sarah Simmons.

Teasers reveal Sarah kicks Michael Simmons out when she realizes who he brought with him. But, that doesn’t seem to be the end of things. Teasers for the season show Sarah Simmons meets up with Maria in the middle of the night. And, it looks like she has a black eye.

It is not clear how things go down. But, neither woman is happy in the clip. And, Life After Lockup teaser clips suggest Michael could be responsible. And, despite wanting to get away from her ex, it looks like Sarah is caught up in his drama.

LALU: Michael Simmons Ghosting Megan – Is She Pregnant?

Life After Lockup spoilers show Michael Simmons and Megan dealing with a lot of drama as well. Michael gives Megan the cold shoulder after seeing her in Texas. And, he has Maria on his arm keeping him entertained. Meanwhile, Megan considers finally kicking the former felon to the curb. Whether or not she does that is worth watching.

Life After Lockup spoilers report Megan confronting Michael Simmons. She asks him if he’s in another relationship. And, when he doesn’t answer right away, she tells him to “shut up”.

In addition, WEtv promo teasers show there’s a pregnancy test. The clip shows the test in the trash can then cuts to Megan saying “Of course”. And, things end on a cliffhanger. Sharp Entertainment loves creative editing to stir drama. So, that could be anyone’s pregnancy test.

Everything Comes to a Head on Life After Lockup

Michael Simmons juggles multiple women this season on Life After Lockup. It’s something he did since the first season of Love After Lockup. But, up to this point, he hasn’t had to face any major consequences for his actions. Meanwhile, he still talks to several women that send him money. So, there’s a lot to balance for the former felon. Teasers show things fall apart. And, it seems karma finally catches up with Michael Simmons.

Sarah Simmons is fed up with Michael’s shenanigans. And, from the looks of it, Megan isn’t far behind. Michael Simmons wants to do his own thing and doesn’t want anyone telling him what to do. But, based on sneak peeks, it looks like things finally come back to bite this season.

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