Soap Dirt Staff

Editor in Chief
Sarah Martinez – As a life-long writer, it was with great pride I grabbed a Bachelor of Arts in Writing from Tulane University. After a few years of corporate drudgery, I turned freelance and worked my way up the rungs. Pleased to be empowered to direct Soap Dirt and ensure it has the best content on the web for soap operas, both daytime and nighttime, as well as other entertainment news and gossip.

Staff Writers

Jesse Cowertz – I’ve been watching soaps since birth with my beloved Nana. Now I’m a full-fledge daytime addict who follows soap news, gossip, rumors, and all the latest insight from soap actors’ social media. Thrilled to be writing for Soap Dirt, the hottest new soap kid on the block.

Francine Chalmers – Primarily a reality TV junkie, I’ve glommed onto daytime drama over the past five years and am now thoroughly addicted. My favorite is General Hospital but Days of Our Lives is picking up speed fast. CBS soaps are great to watch and I enjoy writing about all these for Soap Dirt.

Dez Franklin – As the only boy I know growing up that watched soaps, it was a lonely road back in the day. Now I take great pride in sharing my soap expertise and insight on Soap Dirt. CBS soaps are my addiction and specialty, but I always keep up to date on all the latest soap drama.

Support Staff

Kevin Berry – Growing up as a girl named Kevin, I learned to roll with the punches and have a sense of humor. That helps me here at Soap Dirt as I juggle writers, deadlines, social media updates, and keeping an eye out for soap scoop for the boss. Soap lover from cradle to grave!