Life After Lockup: Brittany’s Violent Criminal History Revealed – Will She Confess in New Book?

Life After Lockup’s Brittany Dodd Santiago (Marcelino Santiago’s wife) has a violent criminal history. She’s also hard at work on a brand new book. Will the Love After Lockup convict confess her misdeeds in the manuscript she is hard at work on?

Brittany Dodd is all smiles with husband Marcelino Santiago and their young family now. But, Love After Lockup‘s Brittany Dodd Santiago has an extensive criminal background – including several instances of violent crime. What does her rap sheet look like?

Life After Lockup: Brittany Dodd Santiago’s Criminal Past

All Life After Lockup former inmates like Brittany Dodd have a criminal history. But, some rap sheets are longer and more violent than others. This is certainly the case for Brittany Santiago. While she has turned her life around since her time behind bars, her criminal record shows a handful of violent offenses. Some Life After Lockup watchers wonder if Brittany Dodd will tell-all in her brand new book.

Life After Lockup: Brittany Dodd Santiago - Love After Lockup - Arrest Report

On March 25, 2016, Brittany Dodd attempted to steal a laptop with an ex-boyfriend. This resulted in a shooting. Meanwhile, records show she encouraged her ex-boyfriend to grab the computer while she ran away. All this went down while the victim bled from the gunshot wound.

Love After Lockup: Brittany Dobbs Santiago - Police Report Page 1

Then, on March 30, 2016, there was a second violent crime. This time, it included kidnapping, assault, and theft. After kidnapping the victim, the Life After Lockup celeb aided in beating the man and stealing his car according to reports. Brittany Dodd also made off with other belongings.

Love After Lockup: Brittany Dobbs Santiago - Police Report Page 2

Police reports concluded that she conspired to commit these crimes. And, she was arrested following the second one.

LAL: Brittany Dodd Turned Her Life Around with Marcelino Santiago

Since being released on the first season of Love After Lockup, Brittany Santiago has been on the straight and narrow with spouse Marcelino Santiago.However, after her previous release she had her son, Giovanni and a stable life. She was on the right path, yet she turned again to drugs and wound up back in prison.

Brittany Dodd now has been given full custody of young son, Giovanni. And, she has an infant with Marcelino – baby girl Zoila. With a new book in the works, many Life After Lockup viewers wonder if she will go into greater detail regarding her criminal endeavors now that she seems to have put that life behind her.

Some Life After Lockup fans question the show and see it as rewarding bad behavior. Many former convicts have been able to use the exposure to branch out into other avenues of income. Fellow cast members like Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman have continued to use drugs since being on the show. And, it’s likely the proceeds from things like Cameo videos may have gone toward funding their drug habit. Is Life After Lockup doing something similar for Brittany Dodd Santiago?

Life After Lockup: Brittany Santiago - Instagram

Life After Lockup: What’s Next for Brittany and Marcelino?

Brittany Santiago recently updated fans with her progress. She is finishing up her book and hoping to find a publisher. She didn’t go into great detail as far as what her book will be about. But, it’ll be interesting to see if she opens up about her criminal endeavors.

In addition to writing her book, Brittany Dodd Santiago recently posted baby bump pics online. So, it looks like she has another child on the way. This will be her fifth child as she has previously given up two children for adoption. Many Life After Lockup followers are glad to see her doing well.

Meanwhile, the all-new season of Life After Lockup teases upcoming turmoil for this pair. While they seem to be in a good place now, there is definitely some drama to be had on the new season. Don’t forget to tune in to the premiere of Life After Lockup, January 3 at 9:00 pm, only on the WEtv channel.

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