‘Love After Lockup’: Brittany and Marcelino Spill Dirt on Other Couples

Love After Lockup married couple Brittany Dodd Santiago and Marcelino Santiago spilled secrets about their fellow LAL costars in a recent interview. Brittany and Marcelino stopped by the Domenick Nati Show and answered some questions. Who do they think will make it and who won’t, their least favorite couple, and who seems untrustworthy. So, Marcelino and Brittany Dodd shared their opinions on everything Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: Brittany Dodd & Marcelino Santiago Think Alexander Bentley and Michael Simmons are ‘Untrustworthy’

When Marcelino Santiago was asked about the cast member that seemed the least trustworthy, he said Alexander Bentley. “Didn’t really look like he was in it for love,” Marcelino pointed out about Alex and Glorietta. “He just looked like he was dragging her along or something”.

On the other hand, Brittany Dodd Santiago thinks that Michael Simmons is the most untrustworthy of the Love After Lockup cast. Brittany called him “Mr. Player” and Marcelino chimed in that he’s “Dirty D Mike”. Both of them shared a laugh at the nickname. Obviously, they’re referring to the fact that Michael was dating Megan while married to Sarah.

Marcelino Santiago & Brittany Guess Who’s Not Going to Make it.

According to Marcelino and wife Brittany Dodd, there are several Love After Lockup couples that they don’t think will make it far. Brittany said that both Tracie Wagaman & Clint Brady, and Josh Hyatt & Cheryl Childers are not gonna last. She thinks that they’re, “in love with the idea of who there significant other is, not who they really are”. Then Brittany added that both are, “setting themselves up for disappointment.

Marcelino was leaning more toward Love After Lockup‘s Lacey and Shane Whitlow falling apart at some point. “Lacey is a little bit more progressed in the game” and although Shane loves her now, “sooner or later that’s gonna fade away”.

Love After Lockup: Least Favorite Cast Member

While neither Marcelino or Brittany Dodd Santiago provided names, they hinted a little bit about who they didn’t like “the most”. Brittany put it out there that, “if you have children you should set an example” like she’s been doing since her release from prison. They also think that some of the couples “are truly in it” and then some have “ulterior motives”. But we won’t know for sure until it plays out on Life After Lockup.

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