‘Love After Lockup’: Alexander Bentley and Glorietta Relationship Fake – Are They Frauding Viewers?

Love After Lockup‘s Alexander Bentley and partner Glorietta are one of the more talked about couples this season on the WE tv show. Many viewers have been wondering in real-time whether or not Alexander and Glorietta are still together. But, recent tea from someone close to the pair suggests their entire storyline is a ruse to garner fame. What’s the latest on these claims?

Love After Lockup: Woman Claims Alexander Bentley & Glorietta Faked Their Relationship

Alexander Bentley’s close friend Kato appeared in many of his scenes this season on Love After Lockup. And, a woman that appears to be Kato’s wife recently dished on the pair online. She alleges Alexander Bentley is Glorietta’s “friend”. And, that she used him to “get famous”. In addition, she said this is coming from someone that knows their situation. Meanwhile, she added that drugs “are real”.

On top of that, Dawn Marie Hard said she was there. And, she included a picture of the dinner scene from Love After Lockup when the four of them went out together. In addition, she said they both tried to help Alexander Bentley but he “fell off the wagon” So, perhaps the jig is up for this Love After Lockup duo.

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Love After Lockup: Is it All for Show?

Glorietta recently said Alexander Bentley completely changes when Love After Lockup cameras are on him. She said he changes the most among all the Love After Lockup cast members this season. Added to that, Glorietta said Alex worries about his “image”. But, if the recent claims are true, it may be Glorietta that’s more concerned about her public image.

Dawn Marie Hard went on to say that she owns All Valley Tow. The company was featured in some of Alexander Bentley’s scenes when he went to go visit his buddy Kato on Love After Lockup. She posted about the shop being featured on the show on the company’s Facebook page and included a clip. So, that may add some validity to her claims. But, how deep the alleged frauding runs remains to be seen.

Love After Lockup: Glorietta - Twitter

What Happens Now With Glorietta & Alexander?

Glorietta and Alexander Bentley split rumors have been circulating for a few weeks now. And, there has been a lot of back and forth on social media within that time. But, if it’s true that their entire relationship was just for attention and exposure, that paints things in a drastically different light.

Many Love After Lockup watchers commented a few weeks ago that Alexander seemed to have a lot of chemistry with his ex-girlfriend Julianna when the pair went out for a coffee date behind Glorietta’s back. But, if he helped Glorietta get on the show to further her own agenda, that may explain why the chemistry with his ex was noticeable to fans.

Meanwhile, Glorietta recently clapped back online. She didn’t mention any names or specific instances. But, she said “spreading rumors is pointless”. There are a lot of rumors circulating of late about this pair. But, this recent tea from Kato’s spouse is definitely causing a stir. Added to that, Glorietta said Alexander Bentley has an upcoming court date relating to his recent felonies. So, that will also be something to keep an eye on moving forward.

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