‘Love After Lockup’ New Season Premiere August 16 – Preview – “Inmate or Soulmate?”

Love After Lockup returns to WEtv with a brand new season and brand new couples starting Friday, August 16th at 9 PM. The trailer offers a sneak peek at the show it calls “your guiltiest pleasure”. Of course the trailer promises plenty of drama, release day reunions and even a few marriage proposals.

Cheryl Met Prisoner Josh Hyatt While Researching Serial Killers

Cheryl admits to having an obsession with serial killers on Love After Lockup. While doing research for a school paper, she googled some inmates. In the process she saw Josh Hyatt. He’s not a serial killer. But he’s locked up for a bank robbery. She admits this is a turn on for her. So she wrote him a letter and he wrote back. They’ve met in person around 10 times. Josh says he wants to put a baby in her. Cheryl has 3 kids and thinks he will be a great step father.

On Love After Lockup Cheryl’s sister is a corrections officer. She questions how much money Cheryl has sent to Josh since they started corresponding. She admits it’s 30 grand. Her sister tells her she’s stupid. But Cheryl isn’t budging. Moreover that she loves him and says he’s a good guy. She tells her with that money she certainly could have put a down payment on a house. She says she considers it a down payment on her future.

Vince Wants To Marry Prison Love Amber on Love After Lockup

Vince calls himself a “bold MF”. He’s Mexican-Italian and in the military. Of course  he’s very into physical fitness. He’s close to his mom who he is staying with for a few days. After a run he gets a call from his prison girlfriend Amber. He wrote to 10 inmates and Amber responded with positive energy. Amber is calling to say she will be released in a few days. Vince is ecstatic and goes to tell his mom the news.

On Love After Lockup his mom wants to know what she was in for. Vince says drug trafficking. More specifically  methamphetamine. This concerns his mom. She asks if Amber has a place to go. He says that Amber’s cell mate Puppy’s mom has a place for her. Amber’s mom is incarcerated. It seems they were actually arrested together. His mom asks if she can go with him for Amber’s release. But Vince prefers to go alone to meet her.

New Couples Mean More Drama, Proposals and Much More on Love After Lockup

Several new couples join the cast of Love After Lockup on the new season. Angela and Tony, who first appeared on season 1 of the WEtv runaway hit, never appeared in season 2, despite being in the promos. It seems they will be on the new season. With Angela asking what he wants first when he gets out: steak or a BJ.

Other couples include Glorietta and Alexander Bentley. Glorietta waits outside the jail for Alexander with balloons. Lizzy’s prison love interest is Daniel. But she admits she’s been keeping a big secret. Andrea and Lemondre were pen pals and are now engaged. He says they will be bigger than Beyonce’ and Jay-Z. Lacey and John round out our new couples. But the trailer reveals that Lacey is engaged to someone on the outside and keeping it a secret. Tune in for the all new season of “Love After Lockup” beginning Friday August 16th on WEtv at 9 PM.

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