‘Love After Lockup’: Meet Serial-Killer Obsessed Cheryl and Bank Robber Josh Hyatt

Love After Lockup‘s upcoming season features all-new couples including Cheryl and Josh Hyatt. With Life After Lockup heading for its season finale, watchers can dive right in to an all-new season of the flagship franchise August 16 on WE tv. With so many new faces set to debut, what do we know so far about this new couple and what viewers can expect from the new season?

Love After Lockup: Are Cheryl and Bank Robber Josh Hyatt a Match?

Love After Lockup sneak peeks introduce watchers to serial killer-obsessed Cheryl and her convict lover Josh Hyatt. On the surface it seems like Josh may have found his partner in crime with single mother Cheryl. Interestingly, Cheryl’s sister Lacy is a correctional officer that’s seen the darker side of criminal behavior. There’s definitely going to be a lot of drama where this is concerned.

Cheryl admits in Love After Lockup teaser clips that Josh Hyatt robbing a bank is a “turn on” for her. There’s definitely a certain appeal when it comes to dating a bad boy. But, Love After Lockup watchers saw that didn’t work out so well for Caitlin Gainer and Matt Fraser last season. It’ll be worth watching to see what drama comes up for this new pair.


Love After Lockup: Is Josh Conning Cheryl?

The single mother reveals in Love After Lockup spoilers that she spent over $30,000 on Josh Hyatt since they got together. This is on top of taking care of her kids. Cheryl admits in spoiler clips that she visited Josh about 10 times in lockup. But, given all the money she sent, her sister is concerned that the former bank robber may try to steal from her when he gets out.

One of the big questions Love After Lockup forces people to address is whether or not they’re being conned by their convict lovers. This seems to be something Cheryl will ultimately have to confront with Josh Hyatt. But, at least early on, it doesn’t look like she’s concerned about any potential fallout once he is no longer behind bars.

In addition, it seems Cheryl believes Josh has good intentions when it comes to her. She admits to Lacy that Josh doesn’t “steal from the people he loves”. Will Cheryl’s blind faith in Josh Hyatt backfire as Love After Lockup progresses?

What to Expect from this Couple

Currently, there’s not a lot known about this couple and the true nature of their relationship. But, Love After Lockup spoiler clips offer a lot to digest leading up to the premiere of the new season.

Cheryl reveals she likes Josh because he’s sweet. Do things turn sour later on in the season? There’s also the question of how Josh Hyatt will get along with her three young children.

Cheryl’s sibling Lacy points out a number of red flags in the Love After Lockup first-look teaser trailer. It’ll be interesting to see if she gets the last laugh when the new season of Love After Lockup premieres August 16 at 9:00 only on WE tv.

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