‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Angela Talks Marriage with Tony – Cheryl Gets Ready to Meet Josh Hyatt

Love After Lockup spoilers show Angela talks marriage plans with Tony. Meanwhile, single mom Cheryl is ready to meet her boyfriend, Josh Hyatt. The new season is in high gear and many of the cast members are starting to confront a lot of real issues beyond the joy of freedom. What do WE tv spoiler clips reveal?

Love After Lockup: Angela Talks Marriage with Tony

The show introduced viewers to Angela and her convict lover Tony all the way back in the first season. Now, their story is playing out in front of the WE tv cameras. And, it seems Angela is wasting no time. Love After Lockup spoilers indicate Angela wants to get married and walk down the aisle to get things started with Tony officially.

But, Tony doesn’t seem too keen on marriage. Angela is ready to start her life with Tony. But, he may have other plans. Added to this, there’s also their 13-year age gap to consider. Tony joked that Angela is his cougar. But, it may turn out that their plans don’t align when it’s time to face the music. Angela was heartbroken when she was left waiting at the bus station for her lockup lover in the first season of the show. Will Tony leave her waiting at the altar as well?

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We tv Spoilers: Cheryl Picks Up Bank Robber Boyfriend Josh Hyatt

Cheryl is a single mother with a serial killer obsession. Josh Hyatt may not be a serial killer, but he did rob a bank at gunpoint. Cheryl tells the cameras that Josh robbing a bank is a turn-on for her. She definitely seems to fancy the bad boy types. But, with three young children to look after, there are concerns about bringing a criminal into their family dynamic.

This is especially true given the fact that Chery’s sister is a correctional officer. She knows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to criminals manipulating people. And, she believes Josh is taking advantage of her sister. In addition, Cheryl admitted to sending her jailhouse lover over $30,000 since they’ve been together. Love After Lockup spoilers reveal Josh Hyatt is finally released. How they get on once he is no longer behind bars will be worth tuning in to see.


What to Expect on Next Love After Lockup

Cheryl’s sister Lacey worries Josh will try to steal from her once he’s no longer behind bars. But, the single mother believes her convict soulmate only steals from bad people. Cheryl seems to be on cloud nine when it comes to Josh. But, it will be worth watching to see what happens when the dream fades and reality starts to set in. Will Josh Hyatt live up to Cheryl’s expectations?

When it comes to Angela and Tony, many Love After Lockup watchers wonder if the pair are truly on the same page. The couple say they love each other. But, it’ll be interesting to see if they go through with their marriage plans and tie the knot. Catch fresh, new episodes of LAL every Friday night on WE tv.

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