‘Life After Lockup’: Josh Hyatt Shares Post-Prison Tips – Throws Shade at Cheryl Childers?

Life After Lockup cast member Josh Hyatt recently shared tips on adjusting to life outside of prison – and threw shade at Cheryl Childers in the process. It’s a huge transition attempting to re-integrate back into society after being locked up. And, Josh shared his strategies. What did the former Love After Lockup inmate reveal?

Life After Lockup: Josh Hyatt Opens Up About Life After Prison

Life After Lockup celeb Josh Hyatt did time for robbing a bank. And, even though he had Cheryl Childers there on Love After Lockup to help him when he first got out of jail, that didn’t always make things easy. Josh recently opened up about what it was like to adjust to life outside the joint. He told WE tv cameras to “be patient”. According to Josh, it’s important to manage your expectations and not expect to have everything right away.

Josh Hyatt stressed the importance of taking time to adjust to your new surroundings. A lot of former felons want to hit the ground running as soon as they get out. And, that isn’t always how things turn out. The Life After Lockup star hinted that trying to get everything going all at once can be your downfall. And, based on his recent online updates, it looks like he’s taking his own advice.

Life After Lockup: Josh Hyatt - Facebook

LAL: Josh Disses Cheryl Childers?

Josh Hyatt threw some subtle shade at now-ex Cheryl Childers. Piggybacking off of his advice to manage your expectations, Josh said you can’t expect to have a “model girlfriend” as soon as you get out. Many Love After Lockup followers see this as a direct dig at Cheryl Childers. Viewers keeping up with the pair in real-time know they’re no longer together. So, maybe he is ready to find an upgrade.

Meanwhile, Cheryl Childers gave WEtv’s Life After Lockup cameras her two cents as well. Along with the former convicts adjusting to life on the outside, their love interests also have to adjust to having them around. That’s not always a smooth transition for either side. She said it’s important to “be prepared”. Adding that “they are going to look at other women”. Especially after being locked up. Cheryl revealed Josh Hyatt had a wandering eye when he finally got out – particularly in those first two weeks.

What Happens Next on Life After Lockup?

Love After Lockup viewers know Cheryl Childers and Josh split. But, the new season picks up with the pair still hoping to work things out. Josh Hyatt says in teaser clips that he still loves her. And, even though viewers know it doesn’t work out in the end for these two, it’s likely WE tv cameras caught what led to them eventually calling it quits. So, it’ll be worth watching their storyline for that.

Currently, it doesn’t look like Josh Hyatt is seeing anyone new. He regularly posts updates with his dogs. But, it doesn’t look like there are any new women in his life. As for Cheryl, she seems to have dropped a significant amount of weight based on recent updates. And, many Love After Lockup fans worry about her. Catch more from this pair on the brand new season of Life After Lockup, Friday nights on WEtv.

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