‘Life After Lockup’ Spoilers: See the Returning Couples – Tracie Wagaman Behind Bars

Life After Lockup spoilers report what viewers can expect from the upcoming season – including Clint Brady dealing with Tracie Wagaman behind bars. With Love After Lockup in the books, a new edition of Life After Lockup is on the way. And, there are a lot of familiar faces for WE tv viewers to catch up with. What do teasers reveal about the upcoming season?

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Michael Simmons, Sarah, and Megan Return

Life After Lockup spoilers have shown the love triangle between Michael Simmons, Sarah Simmons, and Megan was one of the main storylines from the first round of Love After Lockup. And, that journey continued on the first installment of Life After Lockup as well. Sneak peek clips show the trio back in front of the cameras. But, it looks like the dynamic is different this time.

Life After Lockup spoilers indicate Michael Simmons is in the process of divorcing Sarah. And, Sarah kisses another man in the preview. Meanwhile, Megan worries that Michael is back to his old tricks of fooling around with other women.

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Life After Lockup: Tony Up to His Old Tricks with Angela?

Teasers from the new Life After Lockup show Angela and Tony settling into their lives together. But, it seems Tony is back to his old habits. Angela doubts his motives and her friend Tommy is there to sympathize with her. He messaged other women in the past. And, it looks like Angela catches him again.

Interestingly, Angela and Tony recently got married in Mississippi. And, WE tv cameras were there to film the wedding. So, it seems they work out their issues in the end. In addition, it looks like Angela got the wedding she wanted after all.

Lacey, Shane, and John Back

Another love triangle many Life After Lockup viewers want to know more about is the one between Lacey, Shane Whitlow, and John Slater. Love After Lockup watchers know Lacey married Shane. And, the pair begin their lives as husband and wife on the new season. But, it doesn’t seem like it’s just happily ever after for these two.

It turns out John Slater returns for some added drama. Even though Lacey chose Shane Whitlow in the end, John Slater is still in her life. And, Life After Lockup clips show there’s going to be more drama because of it.

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Other Love After Lockup Couples Back for More

Life After Lockup spoilers show there are other familiar faces viewers will recognize on the brand new season. Andrea and Lamar, Cheryl Childers and Josh Hyatt, and Marcelino and his wife Brittany Santiago return. Andrea and Lamar have a complicated history. And, it looks like many of the same issues they ran into in the past come back to bite in the new installment.

Josh Hyatt and Cheryl Childers split chatter has been making the rounds online for a few weeks now. And, it looks like the couple are done for good in real-time. But, even if viewers know they aren’t together, they will still appear in the upcoming episodes. It’s possible Life After Lockup watchers will see more of what led to their split.

Meanwhile, Marcelino Santiago and spouse Brittany Santiago return as well. Life After Lockup watchers will see how they adjust to life with their new baby and more. They are a fan-favorite couple among many watchers. So, it will be interesting to watch them continue their journey.


Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady Back for Another Round

Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman are one of the most controversial couples on Life After Lockup. And, the pair are back for another round. Life After Lockup teasers report Tracie Wagaman behind bars and Clint Brady doing what he can to try and help his wife. Based on the timeline, it looks like Life After Lockup picks up right around Tracie Wagaman’s recent arrest.

Tracie Wagaman’s recent arrest was big news for Love After Lockup fans when it happened back in September. Currently, those charges still loom and she isn’t in the clear yet. Life After Lockup spoilers let us know Tracie Wagaman is back in jail. And, it will be worth watching to see what WE tv cameras filmed.

Clint Brady and his wife Tracie Wagaman are dealing with a number of things in real-time as well. There was split speculation recently. But, the pair said they are working things out. In addition, Tracie Wagaman got into it with Clint Brady’s mom (Alice Brady) online for ditching rehab. Both Clint Brady and his goddess admitted to using drugs recently. And, Tracie even came clean about terminating a pregnancy. So, there’s a lot to follow from this couple until the new season is on the air.

Catch the all-new Life After Lockup, January 3 on WE tv.

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