‘Life After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady Return for All-New Season

Life After Lockup pair Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman have had their fair share of drama recently. And, in addition to that, they can add a new season of the WE tv show to the mix. WE tv recently announced that they are renewing Life After Lockup and its flagship show Love After Lockup. Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Clint Brady and his goddess were recast on the popular show. What’s the scoop?

Life After Lockup Gets the Green Light from WE tv

The current season of Love After Lockup is about to wrap. And, that’s going to create an empty space for fans of the show on Friday nights. But, there’s good news for Love After Lockup fans. Both the flagship show and spinoff Life After Lockup will return with more content. Love After Lockup was a surprise hit in 2018. And, based on the numbers, the show pulls in an average of a million viewers for both installments.

With very little advertising, the show generates a lot of conversation among fans online. And, keeping up with the cast is a daily activity for everything that goes on behind the scenes and off-camera. Whenever a criminal cast member is arrested again is big news. And, whether or not the convicts can turn their lives around and avoid going back in the joint is a big draw for Life After Lockup watchers.

Life After Lockup: Clint Brady - Tracie Wagaman - Instagram

Life After Lockup: Clint Brady and Wife Tracie Wagaman Return

Clint Brady and his spouse Tracie Wagaman will return for another go-round with WE tv on Life After Lockup. They are one of the most controversial pairs on the show. And, they generate drama daily on social media. There’s a lot going on for them right now. Split rumors seem to always follow this pair. And, recently, Clint Brady called Tracie Wagaman out for going to score drugs.

Following that, Clint Brady’s mom Alice Brady called Tracie Wagaman out for ditching rehab and being a bad influence on her son. Alice Brady has never been a fan of Tracie. And, now that the couple confirmed they’ve both been using drugs, there’s a good chance she like Tracie even less. This is all happening off-camera in real-time. But, it’s not surprising WE tv wanted to bring this couple back to Life After Lockup.

So far, the other couples appearing in new content include Andrea and Lamar, Brittany Santiago, and husband Marcelino Santiago. With only three couples confirmed, that leaves the door open for more pairs to appear. It will be interesting to see if any duos from the current season of the show will be on new episodes.

Tracie Wagaman Not in the Clear Yet

Amid the ongoing drama online between Tracie Wagaman and Alice Brady, Tracie revealed she was pregnant with Clint Brady’s baby but terminated the pregnancy.

There’s also her recent arrest that’s still up in the air in terms of what she could ultimately face. Whether or not WE tv cameras were around to document the legal drama and rehab will be something to tune in for when the new season airs. Either way, Tracie Wagaman and husband Clint seem to be magnets for drama. So, the promise of more content from them will likely be more than enough to keep Life After Lockup fans tuning in.

Catch the all-new season of Life After Lockup on WE tv, January 3.