‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie and Clint First Wedding Invalid – Arrest Got In The Way?

Love After Lockup couple Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady recently tied the knot again. Their wedding took place on March 31st. This second wedding means that their first one, which took place on the show was not valid. There is a good chance that their marriage was never actually registered after their first ceremony. Since Tracie found herself back in jail. Is the arrest the reason why they never made their marriage official the first time — or was the ceremony just for the cameras?

Love After Lockup – Tracie Wagaman Back Behind Bars

Tracie Wagaman got married to Clint Brady days after she was released from jail. However, the night of their wedding was not a great beginning for the couple. Tracie left Clint to go back to her drug addiction. She stole Clint’s rental car and took off to smoke crack, as Love After Lockup fans watched on the WEtv show.

Clint woke up to a missing bride and his Love After Lockup bride was arrested shortly after. He didn’t hear from Tracie for a few days. Clint later found out that Tracie was in police custody. However, he never gave up on Tracie and did whatever he could to get Tracie out. He even went against his parent’s wishes to leave Tracie Wagaman.

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Clint Brady Never Registered Marriage

Clint Brady dealt with a lot of things that typical newlyweds wouldn’t have to. Most newlyweds enjoy their first night together. However, his Love After Lockup bride left him and ends up back in jail. Even though they did have a licensed officiant at the ceremony, Clint still had to register the marriage. However, with Tracie Wagaman back in jail registering was not on his mind. Therefore, it never happened.

There was no confirmation that the Love After Lockup reality star made their marriage official after their wedding. There is no proof of the registration. Which means even after the event they were still not officially husband and wife. However, the second time around Clint made sure not to make the same mistake and registered right away.

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Wedding Staged For Cameras

Clint Brady and his wife Tracie Wagaman had their first wedding filmed for the Love After Lockup show. Many fans wondered why the couple got married again when they were already supposedly married. If their first wedding was not real then there is a chance that it was only for the show. The show could’ve staged the whole thing just to add to their storyline. Therefore, there would be no need to register their marriage.

The Love After Lockup newlyweds may have wanted more time together before they walk down the aisle. Clint met Tracie while she was in jail, which meant he hasn’t spent much time with her. They may have wanted to get to know each other more before making things official. However, it is a reality show after all. Staging events for the viewers are common in the industry. Whatever the case may be, Tracie and Clint are now officially newlyweds. Next step for Clint and Tracie is starting a family?

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