‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman and Clint Celebrate Mother’s Day – Hint at Pregnancy?

Love After Lockup‘s Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady celebrated Mother’s Day together and may have hinted at a pregnancy bombshell. The WE TV pair are gearing up for the upcoming premiere of Life After Lockup. Meanwhile, Clint Brady and his jailbird bride spent the holiday together. Tracie Wagaman wished all the mothers out there a happy day on behalf of she and Clint. Is she welcoming her own newborn soon?

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman Celebrate Mother’s Day

Tracie Wagaman celebrated Mother’s Day with Clint Brady. Clint’s goddess gave a shout-out to all the beautiful women celebrating motherhood. She also took the time to praise her Love After Lockup hubby. She said she was having a wonderful day with him. In addition, she said he is the best husband. What surprised some LAL viewers is what she said at the end of her post. Tracie Wagaman concluded with: “Love u daddy!”.

Is Clint Brady a father-to-be? Prior to the second season finale of Love After Lockup, Tracie Wagaman hinted that she and Clint were expecting. In a Facebook conversation with her followers, Tracie dropped a cartoon picture of what looked to be she and Clint with a stork. At the time, many Love After Lockup fans assumed it meant Tracie and Clint are expecting.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman - Clint Brady Facebook

Love After Lockup: Is Tracie Wagaman Pregnant?

Another thing to note in the above photo is Clint Brady’s hand placement. Clint’s hands are resting near Tracie Wagaman’s belly. Is he instinctively protecting the bun in the oven? The timing of the update could also be significant. Dropping pregnancy hints on Mother’s Day is a strategic time to do so. Along with the “daddy” comment at the end of the post, this is more than enough to get Love After Lockup followers chattering.

In her most recent Instagram update, Tracie Wagaman apologized to Love After Lockup viewers. She said she was sorry that she hasn’t posted an update in a while. She included a snap of herself. Interestingly, after all the talk of how much weight she dropped, it looks like she put a bit of it back on in this recent update. It certainly looks like Tracie Wagaman is at a healthier weight now than she was a few months ago. Could it be baby weight?

What’s Up Next for the Pair?

It was confirmed recently that this Love After Lockup twosome will appear in the WE TV spinoff Life After Lockup. The spinoff features eight one-hour episodes that follow fan-favorite couples from the last two seasons of the show.

Tracie has been dropping hints for a few weeks now. She even leaked the potential release date for the show. Initially, Tracie said she and Clint Brady would appear in a Where Are They Now? special. But, fans will get an entirely new spinoff instead.

If Tracie Wagaman is indeed pregnant, it would add an entirely new dynamic to their family. It’d also be another thing to watch in terms of the couple’s future storyline. Clint Brady hinted a while back on Instagram that he was starting his own business. Tracie being pregnant might explain the desire to become an entrepreneur – to provide for his growing family.

As of right now, WE TV hasn’t confirmed an official release date for the spinoff. The only thing Love After Lockup watchers know is that the show will premiere sometime in June. LAL followers will want to keep an eye on that – as well as Tracie’s potential baby bump.

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