‘Love After Lockup’: Clint Brady Says Tracie Still Doing Meth – Goes on Social Media Tirade

Love After Lockup couple Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman are in the middle of a very public spat on social media. And, it may be the last straw for the troubled pair. Clint accused Tracie of going out for hours to score meth and said that he snorted a half line of coke last night. And now, it’s coming to a head for Love After Lockup viewers to see. What’s the latest?

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady Calls Out Tracie Wagaman for Scoring Drugs

Love After Lockup cast member Clint Brady called out Tracie Wagaman on Twitter. And, the pair of them are airing their dirty laundry out for Love After Lockup followers to see. This all started with Clint Brady lamenting over all the women in the world and why he continues to keep crying over Tracie Wagaman. He followed that up by saying she “went to score some meth for herself”. And, that she’d been at the “dope man’s house” for hours.

Back and forth between the Love After Lockup married pair ensued when Tracie Wagaman got in on the action. She seemed to admit going to score drugs. But, she added that she did it for Clint Brady. Then, she went in on him for calling out her drug use when he himself allegedly snorted lines of cocaine and did meth the previous night. Interestingly, Clint Brady admitted to using cocaine. But, according to him, he’s making an “honest effort” to quit hardcore drugs.

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Love After Lockup: Are Tracie and Clint Done?

There have been a lot of relationship problems for Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady of late. She recently accused him of messaging other women online. And, this has been an issue in the past for them. Meanwhile, Clint Brady also called out his goddess for gambling. According to Clint, Tracie sneaks off to the casino behind his back. Tracie sold a lot of items online in the past. Many Love After Lockup fans believed she did that to score drugs. Did she fund her gambling habit too?

In addition, some Love After Lockup watchers note they often look high while doing Cameo videos. Tracie Wagaman has been doing a lot of clips for fans since her recent arrest. And, it’s possible the revenue from that could be going toward funding the drug habit. Interestingly, Clint’s mom (Alice Brady) is adamantly against “hardcore drugs.” And, Clint used the exact same terminology when describing his desire to quit them. Whether or not he is successful remains to be seen.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady - Twitter

Is This An Attention-Grab?

Clint Brady and Love After Lockup wife Tracie Wagaman have been on the outs before. And, this isn’t the first time either of them have claimed to be close to calling it quits. Through all the arrests and drug use, they’ve managed to stick together. It’s possible this could be an attention-getter to increase Cameo video sales.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady - Facebook
Love After Lockup: Clint Brady – Facebook

Meanwhile, Tracie Wagaman isn’t in the clear yet when it comes to her most recent arrest for possession of a controlled substance. Admitting publicly to scoring and using drugs could come back to bite. Whether or not it reflects negatively on her case when a verdict comes remains to be seen. Certainly, this is going to be worth keeping an eye on moving forward.

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