‘Life After Lockup’ Recap: Tracie Shunned By Clint’s Mom – Season Premiere “Prove Yourself”

Life After Lock Up premiered Friday night on WEtv. The spinoff of the wildly popular Love After Lockup didn’t disappoint. This recap checks in on the couples as they adjust to marriage and for some even children. Season 1 couple Andrea Edwards and LaMar Jackson return. Lizzie Kommes and Scott Davey are apart, but both still have feelings. Tracie Wagaman enjoys the simple life with Clint Brady. And Sarah and Michael Simmons and Megan continue their triangle of lies, tawdry sex and Twitter wars. What’s not to love? Let’s check in with our couples now!

Tracie Wagaman Just Wants To Be Accepted On Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

Tracie Wagaman has left her crack hustlin’ days behind. She’s living the simple but sloppy life with hubby Clint Brady in Hobbs, New Mexico. Tracie is off parole in just two short days. Tracie tells producers that they are off to mother f*ckin Vegas baby!

While Clint doesn’t think taking his addict to Las Vegas after just getting off parole is the best idea, he’ll go along. Happy Wife – Happy Life. After all, Tracie is his Goddess. What could go wrong?

On Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup, Tracie regrets what happened on their wedding night. Of course, she admits she was only thinking of her next fix. And that she did some things that women can do to score drugs. Certainly a wedding night to remember! But just not with Clint. She asks him to arrange for her to meet her in-laws. She wants a mother-in-law. So, it’s bye-bye crack and hello casseroles and family dinners.

As Clint’s new wife, she wants acceptance. Especially from Clint’s mom.

Tracie complains to Clint on Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup. All his other girlfriends/wives met the parents. Then, he politely explains that none of them stole his car to pursue back alley drug deals. So, Clint meets up with his mom and her very cute wiener dog. Clint makes a case for Tracie. But his mom isn’t budging. She fears Tracie will relapse and hurt him again. Clint and his mom have matching eye twitches. The dog is so bored by these two he falls asleep. To be continued…….

Megan Rolls Up For Micheal’s Release

On Life After Lockup, Megan catches up with a pal. Her phone rings and she admits it’s Michael. Calling from prison. Her friend is a little surprised she calls him BAE. Megan has decided that she really doesn’t care that Michael is married to Sarah. Or that Sarah is about to give birth to his second daughter. These are just small potatoes. Because she loves him. So, she’s headed to Flint, Michigan to be there for his release.

In the alt Love After Lockup universe, Michael’s other girl, Sarah, baby shops with pals. She’s 9 months pregnant. Because she was “obulating” when Michael got sprung the first time. Certainly, she’s a little bummed. Sarah proudly tells producers she’s never missed a release. As if it’s some sort of normal occasion like a birthday. Sarah believes Michael when he says he doesn’t care about Megan. The women went to war on Twitter in the past year. And Michael’s sister Day-Day jumped in to defend Sarah.

It’s time for Michael’s release on Life After Lockup. Megan plows down the highway to get her man. Gone is the shy virgin with glasses. The new Megan’s got her groove on . And no mama or baby mama is gonna stand in her way. Michaels mom and sis await outside the jail. They spot Megan. Mike’s mom seems to think it’s kinda funny. Megan raps on the car window. Day-Day freaks out. She tells her she was standing up for Sarah. Megan stomps off and says I need a Xanax. We hear you girl.

Scott Gets Advice and Lizzie Gets New Ink on Life After Lockup

Scott Davey shops with best pal Sharlean. She’s helping him get spiffy for a blind date. Scott is back in California with a new job. He’s coming up for air after drowning in debt. He spent around 100 thousand dollars on his prison love Lizzie Kommes. He walked away with 50 thousand in debt and some serious sexual frustration. Lizzie dumped him once she found out that he was broke.

On Life After Lockup, Lizzie is working in a factory in Wisconsin. It doesn’t pay as well as her days on the pole, but it pays the bills. Lizzie has also reconnected with daughter Jazmyne. She describes them as inseparable. The two get some mother daughter ink. Lizzie is afraid to tell her she still has feelings for Scott. Certainly Jazmyne is not a fan of Scott. And is thrilled he’s out of the picture. But is he?

Andrea Heads to Pick Up LaMar at Prison

On season 1 of Love After Lockup, devout Mormon mom Andrea Edwards married former gang banger LaMar Jackson. She even moved her 3 kids out to LA. The honeymoon didn’t last long. LaMar was hanging out with an old gang buddy who had a gun on him. And a stripper in the back seat. Of course this violated parole. So LaMar went back to the slammer. The kids feel let down. And son Tennison certainly has concerns about trusting LaMar.

Tennison has stepped up to be the man of the house in LaMar’s absence. LaMar thinks that he has a Norman Bates like relationship with his mom. Andrea admits she had no idea who Norman Bates was. Despite Tennison’s concerns, Andrea leaves to pick her man up from jail… Again. Her daughter goes with her. On the way Andrea ponders why prostitutes in LA work in the day. Time will tell how this couple fares after LaMar’s release.

Marcelino Doesn’t Roll Out The Welcome Mat for Brittany’s Friends On LAL

On Life After Lockup, Brittany and Marcelino Santiago have done it all in one short year. Of course they married in Las Vegas.They welcomed adorable daughter Zoila. And have Brittany’s son Giovanni most of the time. They even bought a home. While it’s certainly been a wild ride, the two seem happy. That is until Brittany mentions she invite her former prison pals over. Marcelino has major trust issues with her friends. Especially her ex girlfriend Amanda.

Marcelino is rude when Amanda and Brittany’s former cell mate Sascha Williams arrive. Britany pours some wine. Marcelino clutches baby Zoila and won’t let Sascha hold her. He heads off to play poker. But tells Brittany he’s concerned leaving the baby there with her drinking. Brittany follows him out and sets him straight. She’s a grown ass woman who’s certainly capable of day drinking and taking care of their kid.

On Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup, the sunny afternoon turns dark. Sascha is being sentenced soon. She was involved in a break in with two others and two people ended up dead. Sascha cries. She could face 10 to 30 years in prison. While Sascha didn’t kill anyone, she’s facing other charges related to the crime. Of course ,Brittany is very scared for her bestie. Sascha’s sentencing will play out through the season of the new WE tv show. Till next time!

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