‘Life After Lockup’ Recap: Shane Cheated on Lacey Before the Wedding

Life After Lockup Recap: Shane Whitlow has a secret. He told his buddy that before the wedding to Lacey he had a one night stand. And he wants to come clean to Lacey. Clint Brady would like to get his goddess Tracie Wagaman out on bond. Andrea Edwards tells her kids that Priscilla was not a result of an immaculate conception. Josh Hyatt‘s crazy mom slaps Cheryl Childers. Michael Simmons heads to New York with a mystery girl. And Angela lays down the law with Tony.

Sit back, relax and let’s break it all down in this Life After Lockup recap.

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Shane Whitlow’s Revenge: He Cheated on Lacey on Love After Lockup

Lacey makes lunches for the kids and asks how they like Shane on Life After Lockup. The kids say he’s a good dad and he loves them. Shane Whitlow sweeps in ready to head for his first day of work and gets a lunch sack with “Dad” sharpied on it. It’s like a modern day Leave it To Beaver. Where June Cleaver is a cam girl who capitalizes on a different kind of beaver. The family bliss includes mom and dad sucking face while the kids look on.

On Life After Lockup Shane heads to his first day at the shipyard where his job is watching that things don’t catch fire. Later Shane confesses to his strip mall drinking buddy that he made a big mistake.

Shane says that before the wedding, when he found out Lacey was still talking to John-Chon he got stupid drunk. And slept with someone. He has no idea who it was or even where it happened. And he wants to come clean. On Life After Lockup, his friend says he’ll have the couch open for him. Good advice.

Meanwhile John-Chon is out awaiting a court date. It seems he got a cool judge who sent him to rehab. He tells a friend he’s doing well and getting better. Chon wants Lacey back. He thinks if they see each other in person sparks will fly. And that she will realize what she’s missing. Things are lining up in his favor if Shane admits to cheating.

Pimpin’ Is Easy For Michael Simmons

On Life After Lockup, Michael Simmons shoots hoops with his kid sis back in Flint, Michigan. Michael admits he went to Texas to holla at Megan. And admits that she betrayed him by doing it with Roc. But he’ still got chemistry with her. And a cash sharing app.

His sister isn’t a Megan fan. Micheal says he’s got another chick on the Venmo chain he’s talking to named Maria. Kid sis laughs and Michael says he ain’t pimpin’, he’s “just doing me”. Sis calls it like it is. He’s pimpin’ alright and needs to check in with his kids.

On Life After Lockup, proud daddy Michael wears a hoodie with the kids faces on the back. He says they will always come first. After PayPal, Zelle and Venmo that is.

Cut to Sarah in bed with stacks of papers highlighting phone calls and transactions like it’s Watergate. She calls him up and he finally answers. She switches to her other accent and says she pays for that phone so he can call his kids. Why the hell are you paying for anything?

On this Life After Lockup recap, Michael decides to go see his kids. He needs someone at his side in case Sarah starts her BS. Like expecting him to answer a phone call from his daughter on the phone she’s paying for. So he calls up someone and tells them they are going with him. We see him in the car with the woman but only her arm and red acrylic nails. Is it Megan? Maria? Pimpin’ IS easy when your wife pays your phone bill.

Life After Lockup: Where There’s Smoke There’s Angela

Might as well spit out that Nicorette gum. Angela’s back inside the trailer a with fresh carton and a list of rules. Angela let Tony back inside to sleep. But things are gonna change in this mobile home right here and right now. She scrawls out a list of rules for Tony. Top of the list is no prostitutes. Followed by random drug testing, full access to his phone, vehicle searches and no cash in pocket. Tony balks when she asks for his passcode. But she brags to producers about her sim card skills.

On Life After Lockup, Tony tells producers he’s got an addictive personality. And that he doesn’t care for the new rules as it will make life boring. Especially rule number one. It’s gonna be hard to give up his post as the head John (pun intended) in charge at the Chlamydia Crown Inn. But he signs it anyway and Angela slaps it up on the fridge in between a coupon for Lucky Strikes and the picture she used to catfish him.

When Your Baby Daddy Is The Holy Spirit

On Life After Lock Up, Andrea Edwards kneels on the side of the bed and prays. Or so we thought. Turns out she was just having a chat with Priscilla’s baby daddy, the holy spirit. Lamar Jackson kicks around in the living room. He just wants off the couch and back in the marital bed. He asks her if she’s okay and wants to talk. As the holy spirit was busy with more pressing things. She admits she told the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City quilting group the prison closet sex story.

Grab your tissues. Lamar very sweetly tells her that when he was pushing up on her in that broom closet he had a revelation. He wanted to get out and do better. And he wouldn’t trade Priscilla for the world. Andrea decides it’s time to tell the truth to the older kids. So the gang heads to an ice cream shop. The kids are suspicious. Because they only go out for sweets when something’s amiss.

On Life After Lockup, Lamar asks for tequila in his slushie. And gets shot down. This is Mormon country y’all. Andrea finally comes clean. She tells them that Maury called and the Holy Spirit is NOT the father. But Lamar is.

Poor Tennyson has to explain that they aren’t stupid. Priscilla says she’s glad dad is her dad. And it seems like a happy ending till Nyla finds out the whole town knows her sister was conceived next to an industrial sized can of Lysol. Nyla says she can’t trust her mom now. Ouch.

Josh Wyatt’s Mom Slaps Psycho Cheryl Childers on Life After Lockup

Josh Wyatt and Cheryl Childers talk about their shared love of each others privates over fried pickles. They head back to his mom Tina’s house to get it on. Cheryl is turned on by the fact that they are bumping nasties under Tina’s roof. Because Josh’s mom has let this scrawny interloper get all up under her skin. The two haven’t gotten along since the day Cheryl plied Tina’s man with a case of beer. Cheryl bounds downstairs after. Tina is in the kitchen with Cheryl’s son.

On Life After Lockup, the two women make small talk. Once Tina sits down she blames menopause on her crazy behavior. But we all know that’s not it. Tina stares at Cheryl across the table and her eyes flash like someone who is possessed. We need an exorcism here. If Cheryl says one more stupid thing this lady’s head is gonna spin right off her body. Then it happens . Cheryl wants to marry Josh in an insane asylum.

Josh wanders in and his mom calls Cheryl a psycho. He goes outside and says he used to worry about them fighting. But it’s out of his hands. We hear Tina tell Cheryl’s kid to clean up his mess. And Cheryl goes off saying he’s only 3 and don’t tell my kid what to do. And Tina cold cocks her (according to Cheryl). Unfortunately we didn’t get to see it. It definitely was the slap heard round the world. Yes Cheryl’s a weirdo. But Tina is straight up scary crazy. Like snorted bath salts crazy. Insane asylum indeed.

Married To Meth: Clint Brady Wants To Free His Goddess Tracie Wagaman

On Life After Lockup Clint Brady has chewed his nails down to the exposed bone. His Goddess and wife Tracie Wagaman is back in the slammer with a half shaved head and a turtle suit. He rings up a lawyer and makes an appointment to see about bonding her out. His longing for Tracie is causing trouble at home. The family dog has left for good. And mom Alice Brady fears for her darling little boy who’s under the spell of his mother-effin crack loving wife. Who’s moved on to meth.

Clint’s lawyer’s face is like Rudolph. When touchy subjects such as meth or jail are mentioned he glows bright red. He explains that the bond is 5 grand. And if Tracie goes trolling for meth or even has a drink while she’s out, Clint would lose the money forever. After that, Tracie could be spending life staring through the glass at Clint. At this point Clint doesn’t care. He’d sell his kidney on the black market for just one more go round with his goddess. Ain’t love grand?

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