‘Life after Lockup’: Shane Says Lacey Was Injured by a ‘Door’ – Claims No Abuse Took Place?

Life After Lockup cast member Shane Whitlow finally spoke out regarding wife Lacey‘s abuse claims. Lacey appeared to accuse her husband Shane of abuse in a series of now-deleted Instagram posts. And, she included some serious accusations – including a graphic picture of bruises and scratches which she alluded came from Shane (but didn’t directly use his name). Lacey’s husband, Shane Whitlow, finally broke his silence on the situation. What did he reveal?

Life After Lockup: Shane Whitlow Said Lacey Was Injured by a “Door” and “Woman Want to Exaggerate”

Love After Lockup star Shane Whitlow responded to the fans accusing him of abuse after days of silence. He claims he didn’t put hands on wife Lacey.

According to Shane’s version of how things went down, the Life After Lockup couple got into an “argument”. And, the scratches and bruises came from a “door”. In one of Lacey’s now-deleted images, you can see a door off its hinges.

Life After Lockup: Lacey - Instagram

Shane Whitlow said you can see the “door knob print on her”. In addition, he said it was an “accident”. And, that Lacey didn’t say that because she tried to make him look like the “bad guy”.

Life After Lockup: Shane Whitlow - Instagram


How Does John Slater Fit In?

Shane Whitlow revealed the pair argued. But, he didn’t elaborate regarding what they fought about.

Shane said that Lacey wanted to turn him a bad guy. He insinuated that his Life After Lockup wife did this out of spite. And, he even said “You know how woman want to exaggerate” implying that all women overreact to arguments with men.

Following the incident, Life After Lockup viewers speculated that the argument could have been brought on by Lacey still talking to ex John Slater. Shane Whitlow wants John completely out of their lives. But, Lacey lets him hang around. And, she went behind her husband’s back to talk to John on the new season of Life After Lockup. In addition, she said in her series of posts that she and John are talking again.

Love After Lockup: Did Shane and Lacey Make Up?

Despite the latest accusations, it looks like the Life After Lockup pair, Lacey and hubby Shane Whitlow, are back on good terms at the moment. Shane said they “are okay now”. In addition, they each posted pictures on Instagram of happier times. Interestingly, they turned off comments on their updates as well.

Some fans think this was an attention-grab to hype the new season and boost subscriptions to their online content. On the other hand, if this domestic dispute was legitimate, it sets a dangerous precedent moving forward.

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