‘Life After Lockup’ Spoilers: Shane Rages over Lacey Seeing John Slater

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal that Shane Whitlow rages over the idea of his wife Lacey seeing her ex John Slater. Ever since Shane got out of jail, John has been a major problem in his relationship with Lacey. Shane wants Lacey to forget about her ex. But, she and John have a long history together. So, it is hard for her to not care about his well-being.

Find out if Lacey meets up with John on an all-new episode of Life After Lockup on Friday at 9 pm on WEtv.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Shane Whitlow Wants Lacey’s Ex John Slater Gone

Shane Whitlow wasn’t the only man his wife Love After Lockup‘s Lacey was talking to while he was behind bars. Lacey was also talking to her fiance, John Slater. John proposed to Lacey before going to jail. But, Lacey fell in love with Shane, despite never spending any time together in the free world.

Eventually, the Life After Lockup ex-inmate Shane found out about John Slater, the fiance. Shane made it clear to her that if they got married John would not be a part of their lives. Lacey seemingly cut her ties with her ex-fiance. But, that didn’t last long. Since John is still on her mind.

Lacey Worries About John Slater’s Well-Being

As seen on Life After Lockup, Lacey and her husband Shane Whitlow started their lives as newlyweds moving into a new house. A new place to call home seemed like a fresh start for the couple. But, for Lacey, old problems started to creep back into her life. She received a strange text message from John Slater about being in pain. When she didn’t get any responses from him she started to worry. She feared that he could’ve gone back to his old habits.

Life After Lockup spoilers shows Lacey in her car driving somewhere. Perhaps, she is on her way to see John Slater. Since she is so concerned about his well-being. Even though she knows that her husband Shane Whitlow would be mad if she met up with her ex-fiance. Especially, since she is probably doing all this behind her husband’s back.

Shane Whitlow Threatens Wife About Seeing Ex

As seen in the latest episode of Life After Lockup, Shane Whitlow got angry when he saw that John Slater was still in Lacey’s life. Lacey was texting her best friend about the messages she got from her ex. After seeing the text messages, Shane made a big scene in front of their house. Lacey’s new husband started to yell at her about her still being in contact with John. Not long after, Love After Lockup production was shockingly shut out of the house by Shane.

Life After Lockup spoilers indicate that Shane Whitlow is hoping that Lacey will not see John Slater. In the teaser, Shane is at a restaurant with a friend. This man asks Shane, “what would you do if she did go to see John?” That question doesn’t sit well with Shane. He basically threatens his wife. Stating that if he finds out she saw John it won’t end well.

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