‘Life after Lockup’ Sneak Peek: Lacey and John Get Steamy – Sarah Done with Michael [Video]

Life After Lockup star Lacey (Shane Whitlow‘s wife) is getting cozy with ex-fiance John Slater while Sarah Simmons gives Michael Simmons a piece of her mind on LALU. Andrea Edwards gets into a physical altercation with husband Lamar Jackson. And Megan might be pregnant… or is it editing? Tony and Angela walk down the aisle and Clint Brady cries on the phone to his mother (again) over wife Tracie Wagaman.

Check out the video below for a glimpse of the insane drama to come on the wild WEtv reality show.

Love After Lockup: Lacey Locks Lips with John Slater – Shane Loses It – Brawl Breaks Out

Lacy of Love After Lockup has Shane and John Slater ready to throw down. Soon, the two men come face-to-face and the insults start flying. Meanwhile, Lacey is stuck in the middle not knowing what to do. Of course, she’s creating this whole mess by playing the two former inmates against each other. No doubt, Lacey probably likes the two men fighting over her.

Then, the drama continues on Life After Lockup with Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson. Lately, her Mormon religion is not sitting well with Lamar. Now, they’re talking divorce. Plus, the previews of the upcoming season show Andrea loses it and physically attacks Lamar. Certainly, not very Mormon of her. No doubt, things are getting out of control and the Love After Lockup couple might not survive.

Then, things get insane with Tony and Angela Gail because he can’t leave the strippers and prostitutes alone. Previews show he winds up with his face buried in a pole dancer and Angela freaks out. Certainly, Tony’s pulled this before and Angela tried to get past it by putting up rules and giving him a taste of his own medicine. But, it looks like she might soon reach her limit on Life After Lockup.

Sarah Getting It With New Guy – All Set with Michael

In other crazy drama, Love After Lockup shows Sarah confronts Michael’s new girlfriend Maria. Previews say she wants to figure out what’s going on. No doubt, all that matters are the kids and Sarah doesn’t want them around another chick. Surely, she’ll be shocked to learn Michael is messing around with yet another woman on Life After Lockup.

Of course, Megan is furious when she finds out about Maria. Love After Lockup fans can expect to see Megan get caught red-handed snooping through Michael’s phone again. Certainly, she wants to know what’s going on and threatens to leave him. However, she’s been doing this with him for two years and is still stuck on him on Life After Lockup. So, he’s not going to stop if she keeps putting up with it.

In other news, Clint Brady threatens to call the cops on Tracie Wagaman. Is his Goddess on drugs again? Tracie tells Clint to bring it because the cops don’t scare her. Of course, it’s doubtful he will turn her in.

Then, it looks like Brittany Dodd is fed up with Marcelino Santiago. The professional poker player stays out all night and Brittany flies off the handle. So, looks like trouble in paradise on Life After Lockup.

Someone’s Knocked Up on Love After Lockup

A huge bombshell will drop soon on Life After Lockup. Someone gets knocked up and its going to be insane no matter who it is. Judging by the video above, it looks like it might be Megan.

Of course, that would be a train wreck (and ratings gold) because the last thing Michael needs is another kid. He doesn’t have room on the back of his jacket for another child’s face.

He doesn’t even see the two he has. Plus, that would link Megan and Michael together forever and that would be a disaster for Megan (and her father). Megan seriously needs to cut her loses and move on from Michael.

However, the pregnancy test may belong to Brittany instead. No doubt, she’s very fertile because she already has four children. Recently, she said she’s not looking to have any more kids in the near future – maybe down the road. But, things happen and it could certainly be her that ends up preggers. On the other hand it could be Lacey as well.

Also, someone is on their way to the altar for a beach wedding, and it appears to be it Angela and Tony. But, those two have so many trust issues they should be headed to therapy instead.

The drama is only getting hotter and more intense as we dive deeper into the season. Don’t miss a minute of the drama as John Slater and Shane come to blows over Lacey.

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