‘Life After Lockup’: John Sniffs Around a Very Pregnant Lacey

Life After Lockup‘s John Slater comes back around a pregnant Lacey in upcoming episodes. Lacey got back together with Shane Whitlow – and the couple expects triplets. Meanwhile, it looks like things with John aren’t quite over yet.

Life After Lockup: Lacey Gets Back with Shane Whitlow

Lacey reconciled with ex-fiance John Slater briefly before getting back with Shane Whitlow on Life After Lockup. And now, Lacey and Shane expect triplets. Certainly, they’ve got a lot on their plate in the current storyline.

Shane Whitlow says in Life After Lockup spoilers that things have been “great” between him and Lacey without John Slater. But, John isn’t quite out of the picture yet.

Life After Lockup: Shane Whitlow - Lacey

Life After Lockup: John Slater Returns – Crashes the Party

Life After Lockup spoilers say John Slater hangs around. Shane Whitlow worries about John coming back. But at the same time, he wants him to show up so they can throw down. Shane is ready for a fight based on reports. And it’s something WEtv teased with this storyline from the very beginning.

WEtv went with the love triangle storyline with Lacey, Shane Whitlow, and John Slater on their first season of Love After Lockup. Since that time, the network teased confrontations between the men in Lacey’s life. So far, there hasn’t been a major confrontation even though they’ve met face to face. Still, a similar narrative unfolds in new content.

Last time, Shane was the one packing his bags. And it looked like Lacey chose John. But with Shane taking her back, John is the one on the outs when Life After Lockup episodes pick up. So, the tables certainly turned since the last encounter between the felons.

Life After Lockup: Shane Whitlow - Lacey - John Slater

More Drama from WEtv Love Triangle

Shane Whitlow has a lot of mouths to feed with triplets on the way with wife, Lacey. Bringing one child into the world is difficult  – especially since Shane is a first-time parent. But it gets even harder when you multiply that by three. That’s a lot to deal with even without John Slater lingering.

John Slater coming back into the picture is sure to get Life After Lockup viewers tuning in. The reason he was away was that he was in jail. Moreover, new episodes resume with him back on the outside – and it seems like only a matter of time before he and Lacey get back in touch.

He says in Life After Lockup spoilers that Lacey will call him once she finds out he’s a free man. John said previously that Lacey called the cops on him. And that she is the reason he was behind bars for his most recent stint. Even so, he seems to look forward to her contacting him. Lacey said she wanted to “start fresh” when Shane Whitlow took her back. But based on spoilers, there’s still a lot of baggage between John and Lacey.

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