‘Love After Lockup’: John Slater Reveals New Lacey Look-Alike Girlfriend

Love After Lockup alum John Slater recently has a new girlfriend. And, there are a lot of similarities to his former flame, Lacey. Many WEtv viewers want to know what John is up to since coming out of his most recent stint behind bars. And, it looks like he found love.

Love After Lockup: John Slater Finds Lacey Look-Alike

Love After Lockup cast member John Slater shared (and quickly deleted) a photo with his new lady. Her face is blurred to protect her privacy. But, it’s clear John has a type. Despite loving Lacey on the WEtv show, John ended up with the short end of the stick in the love triangle with Shane Whitlow. And, it seems he wants a fresh start away from all that since coming out of the clink.

It’s possible this could be a rebound for John Slater as a way to get over Lacey for good. Either way, he said he is in love. And, the pair certainly look cozy together. It’s possible Love After Lockup celeb John Slater reveals more details about his new woman at some point down the line. But, at least for now, they certainly seem happy as a couple.

Love After Lockup: John Slater

Love After Lockup: Lacey Juggling Two Felons

John Slater was in a love triangle storyline with Lacey and Shane Whitlow the entire time he filmed for WEtv’s Love After Lockup. And, there is a lot of drama on camera from the three of them. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of drama off-camera, too. Even though Lacey settled down with Shane and expects possible triplets with him, things weren’t always that way.

Lacey juggled both men and went back and forth between them whenever one of them did something she didn’t like. And, many Love After Lockup watchers believe Lacey strung John along—especially since she chose Shane in the end. This is in addition to all the back and forth mud-slinging, too.

At one point, it looked like Love After Lockup‘s Lacey would stick with John after she found out Shane Whitlow cheated on her. But, that didn’t last long. And, she soon found her way back to her husband.

Love After Lockup: Lacey - John Slater

John Moving On with His Life

It’s clear, based on this recent update, that John Slater moved on with his life. He said in a recent Life After Lockup episode that Lacey called the cops on him. And, that led to his most recent stint in lockup. So, that may have been the final straw to leave her behind for good. John said in the past that he’d get Lacey back. But, he seems happy with his new girlfriend.

In addition to his change in relationship status, John Slater recently showed off a new truck as well. It seems he enjoys life since leaving all the Lacey drama behind him. And, it looks like it pays off for the Love After Lockup star. Many viewers are happy to see him doing well—especially after everything he went through with his ex.

John seems to be in a good place. And, with a new woman on his arm and a new truck in tow, it looks like he hit his stride and turned over a new leaf since his first season on WEtv.

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