‘Love After Lockup’: Shane’s Verbal Beatdown on John Slater – Is He Jealous?

Love After Lockup star Shane Whitlow recently threw shade at John Slater because a female fan finds John more attractive than him. Is Shane jealous of John?

Love After Lockup viewers know John is a free man once again. And, many wonder if he will try to make another play for Lacey now that he’s out. Meanwhile, it looks like Shane is still bitter. Is he worried about losing his wife?

Love After Lockup: Shane Whitlow Throws John Slater Under the Bus

A lot of Love After Lockup followers talk about how John Slater looks now that he’s out of the clink. Recent snaps show he grows some facial hair. And, it’s a different look compared to what watchers see on the WEtv show and its spinoff. It’s no secret most viewers are smitten with the Life After Lockup bad boy. And, it looks like some of that got under Shane Whitlow’s skin recently.

Shane Whitlow went in on John Slater, saying he is only “like 5’6”. And, Shane added that he “towered” over Lacey’s other lover. It’s a constant posturing match between both felons to see who wins Lacey’s affection. And, even though Shane put a ring on it, it’s clear he’s not above taking a jab at John.

Love After Lockup: Shane Whitlow - John Slater

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Turns out, Shane Whitlow’s Love After Lockup shade-throwing didn’t stop at John Slater’s height. Lacey’s husband slammed her ex for his drug use – and more, too. Despite what most female Love After Lockup fans think, Shane Whitlow said John isn’t “that good looking in person”.

Meanwhile, he went on to say this is especially true when he has a dope needle in his arm and he shakes “like a leaf on a tree”. Love After Lockup cameras never show John using drugs. But, Shane Whitlow claims that whenever the network filmed him, he was either fresh out of jail or rehab.

Love After Lock up - John Slater

Love After Lockup: Is Shane Whitlow Jealous of John Slater?

While Shane could have not responded to a fan of John’s saying she finds him handsome, he just couldn’t stop himself. Is it because he’s jealous? Shane is married to Lacey. Her admiration should be enough for him. Why is he concerned with what other women think of John?

Shane took the low road with a fan that finds John Slater more attractive than him. He made fun of John’s height (which he exaggerated), and many Life After Lockup followers found that to be a low blow. Some commented that people can’t control how tall they are.

This has probably been coming for some time as John has a lot of Love After Lockup female fans that make comments and memes about John. It seems many are drawn to him and find him more attractive than Shane. While John did not win Lacey (as of yet), it’s clear that he has many women willing to take her place.

Life After Lockup: Shane Afraid of Losing Lacey?

A representative from the Virginia Beach Circuit Court confirmed to Soap Dirt back in June that John Slater was out of jail. Meanwhile, he isn’t in the clear just yet. He’s currently out on probation. So, he needs to watch what he does if he wants to stay on the outside long-term.

Overall, John Slater seems to enjoy life now that he’s a free man once again. He shared pics out on the trail in Virginia Beach. And, he shared more snaps barbecuing over the Independence Day weekend as well.

John said on Love After Lockup that he’d win Lacey back one day. And, it’s worth watching if that’s something he tries to do now that he adjusts to life on the outside once again. Meanwhile, whether or not John makes another play for Lacey, it’s clear there’s still some bad blood where Shane is concerned.

On both Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup, WEtv teased huge confrontations between both of Lacey’s felon men. And, both times, the network came up short. Even so, this love triangle storyline is certainly a big draw. Currently, Shane and wife Lacey seem happy in their marriage. But, it’s worth keeping an eye on whether or not John Slater makes a move on her somewhere down the line.

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