‘Love after Lockup’: John Slater Has New Look – See Before and After Pics

Love After Lockup‘s John Slater (Lacey’s ex-fiance) has a whole new look these days that you can see in the before and after pics below. Now, he is out of jail and a free man once again. So, maybe his new look means a fresh start for the LALU alum. Check out the photos below to see John’s new style.

Love After Lockup: John Slater Sports New Look

Recently, Love After Lockup celeb John Slater was seen looking much different. Usually, he is clean cut with a minimal amount of facial hair. Now, he sports a full-on beard that he’s been showing off lately. Clearly, it’s quite a change for “Chon”. Perhaps, he always wanted a beard but his ex-fiance Lacey may have been against it.

Now, she is back with husband Shane Whitlow and they seem to be over for good. So, John Slater is free to do whatever he wants. Take a look at the before and after pics below to see John Slater of Love After Lockup‘s different look. No doubt, LAL viewers seem to be a fan of John’s new beard.

Love After Lock up - John Slater


LALU: “Chon” Out of Jail – Hopefully for Good

Love After Lockup fans may recall John went back to prison for another stint in Virginia Beach. However, he still kept in touch with his fans. And, they were able to contact him or send him care packages. It’s unclear why he was back behind bars again.

However, he says one thing is certain – he is not going back. So, he’s out and enjoying the good life again and celebrated The Fourth of July by grilling and soaking up the sunshine. Hopefully, the Love After Lockup star will keep his followers happy and stay out of the slammer for good.

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Love After Lockup: John Slater

Love After Lockup: What’s Next for John Slater?

These days, John from Love After Lockup looks like he is doing well. Now, he is a new man with a fresh look and ready to take in the world. Also, it seems the dram with Lacey and Shane is behind him and he is moving forward.  No doubt, folks are eager to see what’s next to come for John Slater.

Perhaps, he has a new love interest already. Or, he may just want to focus on himself and better his life before meeting someone new. Either way, it looks like he is in a good place now.

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