‘Love After Lockup’: Crazy Fans Stalk Lacey – Show Up At Her House

Love After Lockup star Lacey has become the victim of some overeager fans getting too involved in her personal life. Apparently, the behavior is bordering on stalkerish with them showing up at her house and taking pictures. So, Lacey made a post calling out people with boundary issues.

Love After Lockup Update: Lacey, John Slater & Shane Whitlow Love Triangle

We first met Lacey, she was a single mother of three in a relationship with inmate John Slater, who she dated briefly in high school. He was arrested for selling cocaine to an undercover cop and then later for possessing a firearm. Before his arrest, he asked Lacey to marry him and the Love After Lockup couple got engaged. But he wasn’t the only inmate in Lacey’s life.

She also had another man behind bars, Shane Whitlow, who would be released a little before John. She met him through an online inmate dating website. Neither man knew about the other. But when it came down to a decision between the two Love After Lockup celebs, Lacey chose Shane. They tied the knot at the end of the second season. In the latest episode of Life After Lockup, Shane admitted to cheating on his wife before they got married.

love after lockup: lacey
love after lockup: lacey

‘Creepy’ Fans Show Up At Lacey’s House?

Love After Lockup is one of WEtv’s most popular shows and has accumulated a pretty big following. Of course, most of the show’s fans are everyday people, but there’s always some that take things too far. It’s easy to forget the stars are actual people and overstep boundaries. Which is exactly what’s been happening to Lacey, the mother says.

So, the Love After Lockup personality jumped on social media to plead with fans. Although she acknowledged her television fame, Lacey told fans “don’t just show up at my crib”. According to Lacey, they take pictures of her house and her family. Also, the cam model said, “I appreciate my fans, but I also appreciate my privacy of my home for my kids and myself”.

Love After Lockup: Kids Stalked at School?

Not only are fans showing up at Lacey’s home, but she also claims they’re hanging around her kids’ school, too. “Don’t be creepy,” Lacey said at the end of her rant.

Lacey could be over reacting about the school as some parents have posted online that their kids go to the same school as the Life After Lockup star. They have said it’s a little surreal seeing her in the hallways. One wrote that he wanted to talk to her and say “hi”, but he thought it might be “creepy”. Could Lacey be talking about other parents in her children’s school? Does she find them strange just for being there?

With hundreds of reality shows from past and present, there are now thousands of reality “stars” in the world. For the most part, all they have to endure is the occasional odd glance from neighbors. It probably doesn’t help that her Life After Lockup husband Shane Whitlow feels the need to take their fights out onto the front yard.

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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