‘Love After Lockup’: Lacey Beats on Shane and John – Why Does She Get a Pass?

Love After Lockup‘s Lacey juggled two criminals (John Slater & Shane Whitlow) in the recent season of the WE tv show. The draw of Love After Lockup is seeing whether or not the former convicts can reform their lives. Or, will they go back to their old habits once they’re on the outside and wind up back in jail. Meanwhile, Lacey appears to be the one engaging in criminal behavior. She was filmed throughout the season physically assaulting both Shane Whitlow and John Slater. Why does Lacey get a pass?

Love After Lockup Update: Lacey Abuses Shane Whitlow

All eyes were on John Slater and felon Shane Whitlow on the latest installment of Love After Lockup. They both got out of prison. And, whether or not they’d be able to stay out of prison was a big question mark. Most criminals need to change their social circles and make other changes in their lives if they want to avoid going back in the clink. But, it turns out Lacey was the one assaulting her men.

Lacey assaulted Shane Whitlow on Love After Lockup the night he first asked her to marry him. Things took a turn when she accepted and then refused Shane’s offer. And, when things escalated, Lacey responded by physically assaulting him. Shane Whitlow took the blows and walked away. Any retaliation on his part would put him back behind bars. Meanwhile, WE tv cameras captured the incident on film.

Love After Lockup: Lacey - John Slater - Shane Whitlow

LAL: Lacey Physically Attacked John Slater

Love After Lockup cameras captured Lacey going after John Slater too. When the face-to-face meeting that was teased all season happened, Lacey hit John Slater in the face, took his phone, and threatened to call his probation officer. Meanwhile, John could do nothing without risking going back to prison. But, Lacey dared him the entire time to make a move. And, she slapped John in the face again following verbal jabs between John and her dad. That time, too, she dared him to do something about it.

All of this went down on camera. It seems Lacey was able to assault Shane and John without so much as a slap on the wrist on Love After Lockup. There’s also the fact that if John Slater or Shane Whitlow did to her what she did to them, they’d be behind bars – especially with cameras there to capture the incidents.

According to NCADV statistics in the United States, one in four men experience physical violence at the hands of an intimate partner. This may include pushing, slapping, and/or shoving. In many cases, incidents go unreported due to the shame associated with it. Meanwhile, what happened between Lacey and her inmate lovers was just what was shown on Love After Lockup. There’s no telling for sure what went on behind closed doors.

Life After Lockup: Is There a Bias?

This isn’t the first time something like this happened on Love After Lockup. There was a similar incident with Lizzie Kommes and Scott Davey when she went to see him on Life After Lockup. She slapped him in the face in front of the cameras. And, in her case, she was the former felon in this scenario.

Meanwhile, on this season of Love After Lockup, Lacey assaulted the men in her life more than once. In addition, WE tv brought her back for the upcoming season of Life After Lockup. Is the show rewarding bad behavior so long as it boosts ratings and brings in viewers? Life After Lockup teasers show John Slater and Shane Whitlow getting into it on the upcoming season. And, it will be interesting to see if Lacey jumps in with impunity this go-round.

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