‘Love After Lockup’: Lacey and Shane Whitlow Marry on Season Finale – Back for ‘Life After Lockup’ Spinoff?

Love After Lockup spoilers from Lacey reveal that she and Shane Whitlow marry in the two-hour season finale. The popular WE tv show wraps for the season. And, Lacey hinted at future content for the channel. So, what else can viewers expect from the season finale?

Love After Lockup: Shane Whitlow Marries Lacey – See it on the Season Ender

Love After Lockup info reveals Lacey marries Shane Whitlow in a beach ceremony. They picked out a cake in the previous episode. And, Lacey was surprised by how much her husband-to-be knew about the pastry and what he wanted on theirs. The major part of their storyline this season surrounds the love triangle between Lacey, John Slater, and Shane Whitlow. So, it will be worth seeing this conclusion.

Meanwhile, Lacey marrying Shane Whitlow leaked in the middle of the current Love After Lockup installment. WE tv watchers keeping up with news from the show online found out Lacey chose Shane in the end – long before the reveal on the show. But, viewers will be able to see the ceremony on the finale episode. There’s also the fact that it’s two hours long. So, hopefully, that’s enough time to wrap up any loose ends.

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Love After Lockup: Are Lacey and Shane Filming More for WE tv?

It turns out WE tv is coming back with new installments of both the original series and also Life After Lockup. And, WE tv watchers won’t have to wait long for more content from the network. The brand new season of Life After Lockup premieres January 3. So far, three couples are confirmed for the spinoff. These include Andrea and Lamar, Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady, and Brittany Santiago – along with husband Marcelino. But, that leaves question marks for the remaining couples.

In a recent post on Instagram hyping the Love After Lockup season finale, Lacey hinted that viewers may see her in upcoming content. She wrote on IG that she is sad that the season is coming to an end. But, at the same time, she hinted that it may not be the last fans see of her.

Life After Lockup usually picks up after a convict has time to adjust to their new lives outside prison walls. And, with Lacey and Shane Whitlow recently marrying, that sets them up to continue their journey on the spinoff. The pair also hinted at a pregnancy recently. So, that’s going to be something else to keep an eye on moving forward.

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What About John Slater?

It’s difficult to mention Shane Whitlow and wife Lacey without talking about John Slater. The trio of cast members have been linked so far this season on Love After Lockup. And, it will be interesting to see if they bring John back for more episodes. Right now, he remains in jail on new charges. And, Shane recently took a shot at him by posting his arrest record online and saying karma came back around.

Many Love After Lockup viewers like John Slater this season. And, there are a number of fans that would have picked him over Shane. So, there’s definitely interest in him and what he is up to even without Shane Whitlow and new spouse Lacey in the picture. WE tv is no stranger to bringing back previous cast members – as they did with Angela and Tony this season. So, that will be another thing to watch down the line.

Catch the season finale of Love After Lockup, Friday night on WE tv.