‘Love After Lockup’: Lacey, Shane and John’s Face-to-Face Showdown Faked?

Love After Lockup‘s Lacey, Shane Whitlow, and John Slater finally had the face-to-face showdown – but was it faked? It turns out the dramatic scene was shot in two different locations then edited together.

Love After Lockup: John Slater and Shane Whitlow Showdown Fake?

Lacey’s Love After Lockup storyline this season revolves around her dating two inmates at the same time. And, who she chose in the end was a big selling point to keep watching the show. The face-to-face meeting between Shane Whitlow and Lacey’s other lover John Slater has been a focal point all season long. But, because the scene was filmed in two different locations and edited to look like one, the entire scene may be fake.

Love After Lockup makes it seem like everything goes down in the jail parking lot. But, that may not be the case. A look at the locations shows that it started out in the jailhouse parking lot in Virginia Beach. But, part of it was also filmed at a Greyhound bus station roughly half an hour away from the jail.

The Love After Lockup scene caught the eye of several locals that instantly recognized the two separate locations and immediately called the show out on social media.

Love After Lockup: Shane Whitlow - John Slater - Lacey - Instagram

‘Love After Lockup’ Frauding?

If it’s true that WE tv filmed Love After Lockup in two different locations, it brings into question how much of this pivotal moment between John Slater and fellow criminal Shane Whitlow may have been staged for drama. Sharp Entertainment has been known to stretch the truth on 90 Day Fiance. Perhaps they decided to do something similar with this Love After Lockup trio.

Love After Lockup viewers saw John Slater hurl insults at Shane Whitlow. He called him a “puppy dog” and a “chump”. Meanwhile, Lacey got in John Slater’s face and took his phone. But, did the network switch locations and encourage them to make a scene in the new area? Certainly, this new information brings into question the legitimacy of the entire segment.

Does Shane Get the Last Laugh?

Shane Whitlow bit his tongue as John Slater hurled insults at him. On Love After Lockup, Shane said he was about to knock John out. But, he couldn’t do that without risking going back to jail. So, he kept his mouth shut. Finally, Shane and Lacey drove away.

Lacey chose Shane in the end. And, the pair married in a beach ceremony. In addition, the Love After Lockup duo teased a possible pregnancy. Meanwhile, John Slater is back behind bars. And, even though Shane Whitlow had to hold himself back during the showdown with John, he let him have it online. He posted John’s arrest record and said karma is a “bi***”.

Prior to his arrest, John Slater went in on Shane and Lacey online. He called Lacey a “crackbabby” and insinuated that Shane Whitlow gave her herpes. But, with John in jail and Shane Whitlow happy with Lacey, it looks like Shane may have gotten the better deal in the end.

Catch the current season of Love After Lockup, Friday nights on WE tv.

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