‘Love After Lockup’: WE tv Renews Hot Mess Felon Fling Show – Will Lacey, Shane, and John Return?

Love After Lockup is confirmed renewed. So, does that mean we’ll see more of Lacey, Shane Whitlow, and John Slater return? The renewal of the WE tv shows just how much fans loved to watch these hot mess couples made of felons and those shopping for love with someone behind bars. The current season of Love After Lockup is about to wrap. But, with this latest announcement, fans can expect more from the franchise in the near future.

Love After Lockup: All-New Season from WE tv

The renewal news is making the rounds online. And, it’s good news for Love After Lockup watchers. Since its debut and with very little promotion, the show quickly gained a following. There’s also the fact that Sharp Entertainment produces it – the same company behind TLC’s widely popular 90 Day Fiance and its various spinoffs.

The same goes for the Love After Lockup franchise Life After Lockupt. Even with new couples on the air, most watchers want to know what’s going on with their favorite couples from previous seasons. And, viewers will get another dose of that as well. Plus, some familiar faces return in new seasons. With some felons now as repeat offenders, this should be interesting.


LoveAfter Lockup: Will Shane Whitlow, Lacey, and John Slater Appear – Since John’s Back Behind Bars?

The cast list for the brand new installment isn’t out in full yet. But, we can expect new faces in these episodes for the upcoming season of the main series. Right now, it’s uncertain which other couples will be on Love After Lockup.

Howevern, John Slater, Lacey, and Shane Whitlow have been a big draw on the current edition of Love After Lockup. The love triangle storyline has been hyped all season long. The big showdown where John Slater and other man Shane Whitlow face off was a bit of a letdown for viewers once it finally aired.

And, there are even claims from locals that the entire segment was staged for the cameras. But, the network certainly kept viewers interested with teasers all season long. However, since it’s confirmed that Shane’s arrested again, there’s always the chance we could see more of them on LAL.

What to Expect on the New Season

Certainly, it will be interesting to see if any of the current Love After Lockup couples make it onto Life After Lockup. There are split rumors surrounding several of the current couples. But, Love After Lockup followers keeping up in real-time know Lacey and lover Shane Whitlow married. Lacey chose Shane Whitlow in the end. And they got hitched on the beach.

Their continuing journey could be something WE tv chose to document. Adding even more fuel to the fire, Lacey recently hinted on Instagram that watchers may be seeing more of her in the future. Also, John Slater is back behind bars following recent charges. He targeted Lacey and spouse Shane Whitlow online. He called Lacey a “crackbabby” and then he said her new husband gave her a venereal disease.

Shane Whitlow fired back when John Slater was back behind bars. He posted the arrest record on Instagram and said John Slater back in jail was karma. There’s also veteran Love After Lockup pair Angela Gail and Tony. This is their second season on the series. They recently married in Mississippi. And WE tv cameras were there to film the wedding. So, there’s a good chance viewers will get to see that on the air. Catch the season finale on WE tv, Friday night.

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