‘Love After Lockup’: Angela and Tony Married – Did WE tv Film the Wedding?

Love After Lockup‘s Angela Gail and Tony may finally be man and wife if the latest tea is true. Angela has been posting cozy pictures with Tony over the last few days. And, there was speculation among Love After Lockup fans that they were celebrating something. It appears they married in Mississippi and WE tv cameras were there to capture it all. What’s the latest?

Love After Lockup Update: Angela Gail Hints at Marriage on IG?

Over the last few days, Love After Lockup cast member Angela Gail has been posting some telling updates on Instagram. There’s a picture of what appears to be her and Tony in a hot tub somewhere. She included hashtags like “#lovinglife” and, she certainly seemed to be celebrating something. She also posted pictures in New York recently that got the chatter going among Love After Lockup followers.

Whether or not Tony and lover Angela Gail would marry has been a big part of their storyline this season on Love After Lockup. Angela wanted to walk down the aisle as soon as Tony got out of prison. But, it didn’t seem like he was in any rush to do so. Meanwhile, he didn’t return to his halfway house when he was supposed to and Angela got the bad news he was on the run while she was trying on wedding dresses. Did she finally get her wish?

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail - Tony

LAL: Tony and Angela Marry in Mississippi

It turns out a Love After Lockup fan came upon a wedding ceremony in Mississippi. And, the fan posted a pic of a sign congratulating Angela and Tony. It wasn’t clear initially if this was the same WE tv pair. But, the fan later confirmed it was the couple from the show. Meanwhile, it looks like a WE tv camera crew was there to capture it all. It’s likely viewers can expect that content at a later date.

Meanwhile, it looks like the pair filed for a marriage license on October 25. Tony has been updating his IG on a regular basis and has been celebrating his freedom out and about. Whether or not he and Angela Gail would take the next step has been a big question mark among Love After Lockup viewers. And, it looks like that question has finally been answered.

Can They Make It?

Angela Gail and husband Tony are one of the original Love After Lockup couples. Tony has been in and out of jail. And, at times, Angela Gail questioned if he was using her. Throughout their two seasons on the WE tv show, things haven’t always looked good. But, it looks like they did what they set out to do. And, they’re now beginning their journey as a married pair.

Marriage comes with its own set of challenges. And, what they do from here on out will certainly be something to keep an eye on. For now, though, it looks like the couple are happy to be together and happy to enjoy life together. Whether or not they become a Love After Lockup success story will be worth watching as they begin this next chapter of their lives.

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