‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Tony Escapes – Angela Races Cops to Find Him

Love After Lockup spoilers show Tony on the run and Angela scrambling to get to her man before the law does. Meanwhile, Lacey finally reveals her secret to Shane. Angela already started the wedding plans. But, it looks like those plans don’t come to fruition. Will Angela have her heart broken again as she waits for Tony – and how does Shane take the news?

Love After Lockup: Tony Running from the Law – Angela Desperate

Love After Lockup fans noted that Tony doesn’t seem as into Angela as she is when it comes to him. She is ready to walk down the aisle ASAP but Tony may have other plans. As Angela’s wedding dresses shopping with her sister and friend, they make it clear Tony’s using her. Plus, Angela turned down another guy to be with her fave felon. So, she’s put it all on the line for him.

Footage shows Tony’s on the run after not returning to the halfway house. He dropped the bomb on Angela that he didn’t return while she was out wedding dress shopping. And now, it looks like everything is hitting the fan. Meanwhile, Angela wants to get to him before the Federal Marshal does. Angela is still hopeful. But, things don’t look good for the Love After Lockup pair.

Love After Lockup: Lacey Comes Clean to Shane About John

Lacey’s entire storyline this season revolves around her love triangle with two inmates. At this point, the men don’t know about one another. Lacey picked Shane up from prison and went to a hotel. Meanwhile, she is dodging calls from John and not being honest with Shane. Love After Lockup sneak peek clips showcase Lacey finally telling Shane the truth.

In case you don’t know, Lacey marries Shane IRL. And, the cops arrested John again recently and he’s got charges that could put him back behind bars. So, it’ll be interesting as Lacey reveals the truth and the explosive aftermath. At this point in the show, John is going to be released soon. And, Love After Lockup spoilers indicate he doesn’t take it well that Lacey is with another inmate.

Does Angela Get Her Happily Ever After?

Since the first season of Love After Lockup, many watchers felt bad for Angela. Her waiting at the bus station for Tony is a significant moment in their tale. And Angela may be left screwed over once again when all is said and done. Her BFF and sister suspect Tony went back to drugs. They can’t fathom any other reason why he wouldn’t go back to the halfway house.

Love After Lockup spoilers leave fans with a cliffhanger as Angela races to find Tony before the law does. This is definitely going to be a situation to watch in the upcoming episode. Be sure to tune in Friday night on WE tv to see how everything unfolds. Either Angela gets her man or the law will – but either way, Tony’s a wanted man.

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