‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Lacey Dating Two Inmates – Who Does She Choose?

Love After Lockup spoilers showcase new cast member Lacey playing a dangerous game with inmates John and Shane. It turns out she’s not just dating one inmate – she’s dating two. She knows she’s being shady but seems to think she can pull it off. Is she playing with fire on the new season of the WE tv show? The adult cam model is also a mother to young children. Could this love triangle come back to bite her?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Lacey Love Triangle with Two Convicts

Lacey admits on Love After Lockup that she’s always been into dating cons. But, it looks like she’s the one conning Shane and John, the two criminals. This triangle unfolding on the brand new season of the WE tv show reminds many viewers of the double-dealing Michael Simmons did with Sarah Simmons and Megan. Everyone involved definitely got burned when things eventually unraveled. Is Lacey setting herself up for a similar outcome?

Lacey admitted in Love After Lockup spoiler clips that her ring comes off easily. If any of her two jailhouse lovers have violent tendencies, they could come out once they learn the truth. Many Love After Lockup watchers see this as irresponsible and even dangerous on Lacey’s part. She has young kids to think about but seems to continue on. She even said one of her lovers would live with her and her children upon release.

Love After Lockup: Shane & John Don’t Know About Each Other – Yet

Love After Lockup spoilers show both men don’t know about each other yet. But, even though things haven’t hit the fan, many Love After Lockup followers can guess what’s coming. Sneak peek clips tease things get explosive once the truth comes out. In the meantime, watchers can tune in to see Lacey’s balancing act as she juggles both men this season.

Lacey seems proud of the fact that she is dating two inmates. But, unlike Michael Simmons last season, Lacey doesn’t have kids with either man. Much was made early on about her career choices in the adult entertainment industry. And now, watching her storyline unfold on the new season is likely going to keep viewers tuning in.

Who Does Lacey Choose?

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal Lacey does end up choosing one convict in the end. It turns out she walked down the aisle with Shane. The pair married on July 20 in a beach ceremony, so John didn’t make the cut. In addition, it looks like Lacey recently purchased a new home as well. Even if they did have their happy ending in real-time, it’ll be interesting to watch their journey unfold on the new WE tv season.

The pair got engaged back in May and didn’t seem to waste much time before tying the knot. It’ll be worth watching to see if their marriage lasts. And, it’ll be interesting to see what challenges they face as a married couple.

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