‘Love After Lockup’: Cheryl Childers Stalking? Josh Hyatt Calls Her a ‘Psycho’

Love After Lockup‘s Josh Hyatt and former lover Cheryl Childers have had a tumultuous relationship on-camera. And, things have only gotten worse off-camera. Since filming the current season, the pair split. But, it doesn’t look like they are out of each other’s lives just yet. The former lovers are currently in the middle of a heated online feud. And, more tea is being served up daily.

Love After Lockup News: Josh Hyatt Calls Out Cheryl Childers

It didn’t take long for the split rumors to surface surrounding Josh Hyatt and Cheryl Childers. Screenshots surfaced online of Josh getting cozy with a mystery woman. And, there’s no trace of Josh on Cheryl Childers’ social media. But, that doesn’t mean the Love After Lockup couple is completely out of each other’s lives. In fact, it seems the complete opposite. Josh recently called his ex a “trash a** chick”.

And, Josh Hyatt firing shots at Cheryl Childers didn’t end there. Josh accused his Love After Lockup girlfriend of making things up about his family. After that, he called her “dilusional as “fu**” and a “godd*** psycho”. He prefaced it by saying he doesn’t usually go online to trash talk. But, it appears he made an exception given everything that’s come to light recently. He ended his post saying she doesn’t make any “fu***** sense”.

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Love After Lockup Update: Cheryl Trying to Get Josh Behind Bars?

Based on some of Josh Hyatt’s recent posts online, it seems like Love After Lockup star Cheryl Childers may be trying to get the felon back behind bars. Josh insinuated Cheryl has been contacting his Parole Officer and trying to get him in trouble. He accused her of stalking in the past. And, he said publicly that she’s crazy. If all this is true, it seems she may have been trying to set him up to fail a drug test.

But, Josh Hyatt isn’t having it. He stands by the fact that he’s clean. He said he can take a test at any time and he’ll be clean. With everything going on between them right now, it definitely paints Cheryl Childers in a bad light. On Love After Lockup, Cheryl said to her sister that she spent over $30k on Josh Hyatt when he was behind bars. And, she was convinced at one time that they’d live happily ever after. Things appear to have gone south since then.

What Happens Now?

On paper, it seems Love After Lockup cast member Josh Hyatt is doing well for himself since his release. He started a new job back in June at Soco Roofing in Colorado. As for Cheryl Childers, she regularly updates social media with selfies and pics of her children. She might not still have Josh on her social accounts, but she seems to still have him on the brain.

Some Love After Lockup watchers feel the young mother needs help. And, even though she and her lockup lover are no longer together, it’s clear she’s still thinking about him based on her latest comments online. Meanwhile, it’ll be worth watching to see if more tea comes from this online beef in the coming days.

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