‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Cheryl and Josh Hyatt Have Explosive Fight – Lizzy and Daniel’s Mom Lock Horns

Love After Lockup spoilers show the claws come out for Cheryl Childers and Josh Hyatt – and Lizzy gets into it with Daniel’s mother. Things have slowly escalated between single mother Cheryl and bank robber Josh in recent weeks. And, it looks like things come to a head in the upcoming episode. Meanwhile, it seems like Lizzy finally snaps at Daniel’s mom. What’s the latest?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Josh Hyatt and Cheryl Childers in On-Camera Shouting Match

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal the powder keg finally blows between Cheryl Childers and former inmate Josh Hyatt. Things were already on edge when Josh Hyatt revealed his living situation. It turns out he has to wear an ankle monitor and live with his mother. Cheryl Childers and his mother don’t see eye to eye and have a toxic relationship. Meanwhile, Josh believes it’s up to them to work their issues out.

More Love After Lockup spoilers indicate things are at a breaking point for the pair. Cheryl asks Josh Hyatt point-blank if their relationship is only good when he’s in prison. He tells her she gets “belligerent” and that sets things off. Cheryl Childers kicks Love After Lockup cameras out of the room and says they need “time to talk”. In addition, she seems to be on the verge of tears. It certainly seems like things spill over for this WE tv twosome.


Love After Lockup: Lizzy Confronts Daniel’s Mother

Lizzy and Daniel’s mama have been like oil and water this season on the WE tv program. It appears there’s a confrontation just boiling beneath the surface. Love After Lockup teasers report things finally boil over for the women in Daniel’s life. The previous episode hinted at a big get-together with all of Daniel’s relatives. And, Lizzy was already apprehensive about the whole affair.

Love After Lockup spoilers report things coming to a head as Lizzy bites back following criticism from the mother of her lockup lover. Lizzy snaps and tells her to quit judging her. And, when she interjects, Lizzie tells her to quit cutting her the “f*** off.” Things are definitely tense between these two women and it may put Daniel in a position to have to choose between them.

What Happens Now?

Currently there are questions over whether or not Cheryl Childers and criminal Josh Hyatt are still together. Images surfaced of Josh Hyatt looking cozy with another woman. And, screenshots from leaked DM’s show the convict messaging other women online. The real kicker is him saying he is “single” and no longer with Cheryl Childers. Meanwhile, there’s no trace of Josh on her social media – only selfies of her and her kids.

In addition, things don’t look good for the ladies in Daniel’s life. The Love After Lockup women never got along and it seems the strained relationship only gets worse. Daniel and Lizzy got intimate for the first time in the previous episode. But, will his mother get in the middle and tear the young lovers apart? She is definitely worried for her son seeing as how he only recently got out of prison. But, her overprotective nature may prove to be too much. Especially now that Daniel has another woman in his life.

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