‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Cheryl Gets Busy with Josh Hyatt – Mommy Issues Put the Brakes On?

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal Cheryl getting busy with former inmate Josh Hyatt upon his release. But, there may be something else standing in the way of their relationship beyond his criminal past. Teaser clips show things get tense when the topic of his mother comes up. Is this something that could be a deal-breaker? What’s the scoop?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Cheryl & Josh Hyatt Get Hot and Heavy

The previous Love After Lockup episode was all about Cheryl getting ready to pick Josh Hyatt up at the prison. The serial killer-obsessed single mother seems to think bank robber Josh is her ideal match. She even admitted that him robbing a bank turns her on. Even though the pair have been together over two years, this is their first time together in the flesh outside prison walls. And, it looks like they take full advantage of that based on teaser clips.

Love After Lockup spoilers show the couple don’t even wait to make it to a bedroom. Clips show Cheryl and convict Josh Hyatt getting busy outside. Love After Lockup watchers saw something similar with former WE tv pair Caitlin Gainer and Matt Fraser. At this point there’s no telling if Josh and Cheryl will fall victim to the same fate. But, in the meantime, they’re certainly taking advantage of being together on the outside.

Love After Lockup: Trouble in Paradise Already?

Love After Lockup sneak peeks show not everything is sunshine and rainbows for Cheryl and Josh. It seems after the initial high of seeing each other wears off, the couple are forced to confront some real issues in their relationship. Cheryl tells Josh that his mother treats her like “fu***** garbage”. Cheryl admitted she wants to marry her man as soon as possible. But, her relationship with his mother may be a major hurdle.

Josh Hyatt admits that his mom isn’t going anywhere. So, it seems whatever issues she and Cheryl have, they are going to have to work it out moving forward. But, based on what Cheryl said about how his mother treats her, that may not be the case. It’ll be interesting to see if Josh is put in a position to choose. If he is, he already said his mother isn’t going anywhere. So, Cheryl may get the short end of the stick if it comes to that.

What to Expect from the Pair

Up to this point in the Love After Lockup season, Cheryl has been on cloud nine when it comes to inmate boyfriend Josh Hyatt. She is totally smitten with him and seems to think he can do no wrong. She gave him over $30,000 since they got together and sees no problem with bringing Josh home to live with her and her three children.

But, this issue with his mother seems to be the first true roadblock in their relationship. It’ll be worth tuning in to see how this situation is resolved. Will they come out of it a stronger couple? Or, will this issue tear them apart?

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