‘Life After Lockup’ Recap: Megan Creeps On Michael’s Phone – Gets Caught

On this weeks Life After Lockup recap, we are finally spared exposure to second-hand smoke as there was no Angela and Tony. Megan creeps on Michael Simmons’ phone but gets a surprise all when Michael Simmons pal Roc shows up.

Brittany Dodd tries to mend things with her mom and spills her guts. Lacey is on the hunt for Chon-John and finds him back behind bars. Cheryl Childers and Josh Hyatt are back together and she seeks a clown’s approval. Literally. Let’s breathe deep into the somewhat cleaner air and chaos of “Life After Lockup” episode “Wake Up Calls”. The show airs Friday nights on WE TV.

Life After Lockup Recap: If The Room Is A-Rockin’ Don’t Come a Knockin’

On Life After Lockup, Michael Simmons is in Texas visiting Megan and managing his cash app stream of sugar mamas from the local Sleep Inn. Meanwhile in New York, wife Sarah Simmons is all business and lawyering up to protect their kids from his foolery. She doesn’t even want cash. Just peace of mind that this slippery sponge can’t take her kids. Sadly, if two months have gone by and he hasn’t seen them, he’s probably not going to fight too hard for weekends at daddy’s.

Michael is under the weather. He tosses and turns clad in a wife-beater. Megan shows up with soup and an ulterior motive. Search his phone while he’s too sick to care. She gets so far into the locked phone ( which Sarah was supposed to shut off by now) but Michael leaps up when he realizes what’s going on. He won’t unlock it. He say’s he’s being violated and thinks Megan is sneaky. LOL. Is this dude for real? He complains he feels like he’s got a leash around his neck on Life After Lockup.

There’s a knock at the door in the midst of all this foolishness. And it’s Roc. Michael’s homeboy who pushed up on Megan (Michael’s words) while he was in the clink. The guys take it outside. And Michael starts spouting off crap like he’s the moral majority. Talking about lines you don’t cross. Hmm. Like knocking up your wife before heading to Niagara Falls to deflower your side chick? Roc defends Megan. Michael slaps/shoves him and we have to wait another week.

Lacey Looks For John In All The Right Places on Life After Lock Up

With Lacey and Shane Whitlow’s suburban dreams shattered like a Mich Ultra on the shiny kitchen floor, she goes looking for John-Chon. She drives aimlessly pausing to remember when she and John were high school sweethearts. And she didn’t resemble a muppet/blow up doll hybrid. John left some sad messages about crying like a bitch. And then the phone went dead. She fears the worst. But stops for a big gulp and a pack of smokes before making a few phone calls.

On Life After Lockup, Shane goes to a tavern in a strip mall to drown his sorrows with a guy who looks like the tattoo artist at said strip mall. And they order the douchiest drinks you can order, Long Island iced teas. Shane admits he still loves Lacey. His friend suggests he roll with the punches. Shane says he’s been working on his ducking skills. Especially when Lacey’s on top and her fun bags are in full swing. They could easily give a guy a black eye.

Lacey is still driving. And now sits in front of John’s house. His truck isn’t there. So she drives around for anther hour before deciding the worst has happened. She needs to call the hospital. Or the jail. She goes with jail. And bingo we have a winner. John Chon was picked up for DWI and possession. And there’s no bond. Lacey drives to the Wal-Mart parking lot. She cries. And smokes. And becomes super turned on over the fact that she can now date an inmate again.

Lamar Jackson Thinks Utah’s A Little Too White: Life After Lockup

Andrea Edwards is thrilled to have her hubby back in her home state of Utah and off the mean streets of LA. But Lamar Jackson is not feeling it so much. He thinks it’s a little too white. And he’s not talking about the snow. Andrea and Priscilla, her youngest child who is also Lamar’s daughter (remember the sex in the closet thing) have a cake for him. They are celebrating that he’s finally off parole.

On Life After Lockup Lamar Jackson isn’t being very gracious. He points out he prefers pie over cake. And wants to talk to Andrea outside. He brings up how happy she was when she saw the Mormon missionaries. She says they are a part of her past. Lamar points out that’s impossible. Because this whole community is “medominantly” white. And Andrea basically says that she gives no f*cks how white it is. Because it’s all about what’s good for the kids. Give it up Lamar. Even the cake is white.

Cheryl Childers & Josh Hyatt: Reunited and It Feels So Bad

This Life After Lockup recap shows Josh Hyatt and Cheryl Childers are back. The couple broke up on last season of Love After Lockup. Unfortunately they made up. So we get to see Cheryl driving around with one of her kids in the back seat. Calling up Josh and telling him she’s moving herself and at least one child in with him and his mom. Who hates Cheryl because she thinks she tried to ply her man with beer and shag him. Which made for an awkward family barbecue.

Cheryl drives to her sisters to explain herself. Her sister straight up tells her she’s a fool. So Cheryl straps the poor kid in his car seat and drives him to a clown’s house. Like a real clown in face paint and clown shoes and clown pants. Even the clown’s not on board. And this kid is definitely having nightmares tonight. Cheryl says Bonnie and Clyde didn’t have these problems. B*tch sit down. You are comparing yourself to Bonnie and Clyde? Maybe the Dollar General version.

Brittany Breaks Down on Life After Lockup

Brittany Dodd’s got a baby on the way. She wants to mend things with her mom. Who is sober now but didn’t win any mother of the year awards or even of the day awards when Brittany was young. Her parents suffered from addiction issues. And even stole her prize quarter collection when they were short on cash for the bar. But that was the past and Brittany runs the idea past Marcelino Santiago. Who raises an eyebrow and isn’t sure it’s such a good idea.

On Life After Lockup Britt’s mom has arrived. She was burned in a house explosion but she’s doing ok. Brittany’s sisters live close by and they all come over so the family can sit down to dinner. But mom has barely choked down a deviled egg before Brittany kind of lets it all go. Including that Brittany’s parents did her like Joe Dirt. After Brittany ran a way at age 12 when the family moved to a motel, she went back a few days later. And they had left.

Certainly it was hard for her mom to be dragged by her daughter in front of everybody. So she goes outside to take a minute with producers. She admits it’s tough. And that she tried. Umm, no you really didn’t. So get your ass back in there and pay that girl back every damn quarter you ever stole and then some. And sit at that table and suck it up. Because lady you owe her that at the very least.

Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman

On Life After Lockup Tracie Wagaman is back behind bars. It seems that her and Clint Brady were both arrested and charged with possession of drugs and paraphernalia after a night of sleeping in their car. Clint was released and on the show Tracie is still in prison. Tracie wears a protective suit that keeps inmates from harming themselves. So, fans think she’s on suicide watch. Tracie claims it’s because of her eating disorder.

Life After Lockup is on Friday nights at 9:00 PM on WE TV.

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