‘Life After Lockup’: Lamar is Not Down with the Book of Mormon

On Life After Lockup, Lamar Jackson wants no part of Andrea Edward’s Mormon ambush. The ex gangbanger does some impressive schooling of his own to the Mormon mission squad around the dining room table. Josh Hyatt deals with the fallout of mom Tina’s smackdown on Cheryl Childers. Brittany Dodd and Marcelino Santiago lawyer up again.

Plus, Angela Gail stakes out Tony after a night out. Michael Simmons brings a gal pal and ignites baby mama drama with Sarah Simmons. And Clint Brady springs his goddess on season 2 episode 45 Bonded and Ghosted. You can catch LAL Friday nights at 9 PM on WEtv.

Andrea Edwards Gets Kinky with Lamar Jackson – But It’s For Jesus on Life After Lockup

Love After Lockup‘s Andrea Edwards loves her faith to extremes. First, she actually thought her teens would buy that the holy spirit knocked her up. Now, she’s dragging hubby Lamar Jackson to the sex shop to get some saucy toys and a peacock mask. Because every guy gets turned on by avian nookie. Lamar Jackson was surprised such a shop existed in the Wonder Bread capital of the world — Salt Lake City.

What’s not surprising is the bulk discount, for those who have more than one wife… On Life After Lockup, Andrea dishes out advice about the role of sex in a marriage. Meanwhile, Lamar Jackson is still confined to the couch. Because she’s not giving up the cookie till he “woos” her.  Andrea says that toys and whips can bring new levels of ecstasy.

And that really brings a girl closer to Jesus. Was that prison closet pregnancy bang done with the Lord’s blessing on Love After Lockup?

Love After Lockup’s Lamar Jackson Claps Back At Mormons

With the peacock mask and vibrator safely tucked away, Andrea invites some fellow Mormons over for a scripture study. Lamar Jackson offers them a beer, which doesn’t go over well on Life After Lockup. But that’s just the start. Our boy did his homework. Because, Lamar calls out the LDS folk on banning people of color. The lead converter tries to get closer to Lamar Jackson. He shuts her down and says hands off.

This pushes the Latter Day Saint to tears on Life After Lockup. Andrea cries to producers about not wanting a divorce. But she really wants Lamar Jackson to be Mormon. Lamar says he’s plugged in with God and they have an understanding. But Lamar doesn’t like what these Utah peeps are selling. He opts out and Andrea gives him her permission to leave. About time for that beer Lamar.

Two Stubborn B*tches Go Round The Outside on Life After Lockup

Back in Colorado, Josh Hyatt’s life is like an angry Eminem song. He’s in the middle of a catfight between his two leading ladies — Mom Tina and fiance Cheryl Childers. Even the flies fled the sweaty a** mess going on in this house. Tina stomps around flinging innocent kids with names like Royalty over her shoulder. Cheryl smokes on the couch and snorts like a bull.

It seems Tina put her hands on Cheryl on Life After Lockup. Cheryl’s son spilled water on the counter. And Tina wanted to show him how to wipe it up. This angered Cheryl and she jumped in. Then, Josh’s gal says Tina hit her. Josh doesn’t know who to believe and calls “stubborn a** bitches”. Since Tina’s been wanting to smack a b*tch since they met, it’s easy to believe Cheryl.

In the end, Cheryl tells Josh he’s got to choose her or Mommy Dearest. He says his mom’s put up with his prison shenanigans for 31 years. And Cheryl’s only been around for a couple years. Soooo… it’s kind of a no brainer. Cheryl says Tina has no right to tell anyone how to raise kids since hers are career criminals. Ouch. Then, Cheryl tells Josh she’s out. Sure Jan… Life After Lockup fans know it’s not done.

Clint Springs His Goddess From The Pokey

On Life After Lockup,  Clint Brady pays a visit to his mom Alice Brady. Mom’s folding clothes in her five-star laundry room. It’s nicer than most people’s homes on LAL. Not even the cloud of dirty despair trailing Clint could sully the linen fresh-scent. Clint tells mom he’s going for it. He’ll cough up 5k to get his methed-up lady back on the streets. It’s truly Love After Lockup that won’t quit.

Clint’s mom holds his face and tells him he’s an idiot as the spin cycle whirs around them. Then, off he goes. Later, Tracie Wagaman cuddles more with the dog than Clint. Life After Lockup‘s Tracie is happy to be out but looks like she’d rather be anywhere but here as Clint’s grimy nails rub on her. Tracie has a court date coming and could face 20 years.

Love After Lockup Producers ask what she wants to do and she says get help. Scenes from next week show Clint threatening to call 5-0. So, looks like the magical scent of Alice’s Downy Unstoppables lasted longer than Clint’s affection for his lady.

Life After Lockup: Michael Wants a Threesome and Daddy Time Too

Michael Simmons knows what he wants. A lady who’s down with an extra head in the bed. Forget needy virgins creeping with your BFF. Or pesky baby mama’s with schizo accents. Silli Milli’s got a new girl down for his foolishness – no questions asked. They check into the Three Way Inn and flavor of the month Maria chats with production. She’s unbothered by Megan and is “emotionally married” to Mikey. Uh-huh.

Meanwhile back in Texas, Megan hangs out with her bestie on Life After Lockup. He’s thrilled to hear Michael’s ghosted Megan. She admits that he’s talking to other girls (duh). But says it’s not romantic. Meanwhile, wife/baby mama Sarah readies her kids for a visit from dad. She fills the oldest with the idea that Daddy’s gonna take her and run. For real Sarah? This is your daughter not a pawn in your game.

On Life After Lockup, little Aviahna cries and jumps on Sarah’s lap when he rolls up to avoid the Amber Alert. Then, Michael holds the baby and tries to talk to his oldest. But she’s brainwashed. Until she remembers there’s squirt guns in the pool. So, Sarah ships the kids off with grandma. And Michael says he knows the law and wants to know when he’ll “get ’em”.

She wants to know what b*tch he’s holed up with. And the misery rolls on for another week on Life After Lockup.

Love After Lockup Alums Brittany and Marcelino Lawyer Up Again

Brittany Dodd and husband Marcelino Santiago must have their lawyer on speed dial on Life After Lockup. Between Brittany’s past and her custody issues, the pair often seek counsel. This time it’s to find the two kids Brittany had as a homeless teen. She lost parental rights when she was jailed for drugs. As expected, this is complicated and expensive – and could take years.

While Brittany wants a full house with all her kiddos, Marcelino admits his poker game is in a slump. And we know what happened when he tried to go legit and get a 9 to 5 on Life After Lockup. But, he supports Brittany’s desire to find the kids. Of course, it’ll depend on whether the legal guardians allow her to contact them.

Angela Plays “I Spy” With Tony on Love After Lockup

In perhaps the lamest night out ever, Angela Gail gets in a sexy red dress and sucks on a frosty cocktail. Everyone’s favorite gravel-voiced nicotine queen swishes by Tony on her way to meet friends. He wants to know why he can’t go too. Then, she drops the truth bomb that everybody hates him. So, Tony’s left on Life After Lockup in a sweaty heap and told to “make good decisions” in her absence.

It might be a day late and a prostitute short for that bit of advice. Then, Angie, her sis and two friends hit up a strip mall Mexican joint for fish tacos and margis. Angie sucks her strawberry slush through a straw and tells the gang about Tony’s sins at the roach motel. Of course, they’re disgusted. Sister Donna Lee suggests Angie give Tony a taste of his own medicine and not go home on Life After Lockup.

But, Angela’s busy tracking Tony on her phone and says she’ll consider it. So, she decides to pull a fast one. This lady’s got tricks. So, she calls him and says she’s sleeping at her sister’s. But, she heads to sit out front of the house chain-smoking and waiting to catch him in the act. Nobody’s pulling the wool over her eyes. Till next week… You can catch LAL Fridays on We Tv.

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