‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Tony Wants to Get Back with Angela – Do They Make it?

Love After Lockup spoilers show tense moments for Angela and Tony. Tony didn’t report to his halfway house. And, that triggered a manhunt that landed him back behind bars. Meanwhile, Angela tried desperately to get to him before the law did. Now that he’s back behind bars, Tony wants back in with Angela. Is she going to let him back into her life after everything that went down?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Tony Wants Angela Back

Tony’s antics of late on Love After Lockup sent Angela into a tailspin. She was trying on wedding dresses when she got the call from Tony that he was on the run. He bailed on the halfway house. And, when he failed to check in, that sent the federal marshals after him. Angela tried desperately to find him before the law did. But, he wound up back in jail.

Meanwhile, Love After Lockup spoilers reveal Tony telling Angela that he loves her. And, that he still wants her in his life. Angela’s friends and family believe he is using her to get what he wants. In addition, she is starting to believe that herself. Whether or not she forgives him and takes him back will be something worth tuning in to see when the next episode airs.

Love After Lockup: Does She Finally Get What She Wants?

Angela and Tony’s story goes all the way back to the first season of Love After Lockup. Viewers remember her waiting at the bus station for him – along with him not showing up. Even after everything Tony put her through, she still seems torn when it comes to her lockup lover. She admitted in recent episodes that she and Tony haven’t had sex yet. And, that’s likely to remain that way with him in custody.

When Tony first got out this season, Angela had all her plans laid out. She wanted to get married as soon as possible. And, she even turned down a proposal from her longtime friend in favor of her bad boy lover. Angela has invested a lot of time and energy into Tony. And, it will be interesting to see if all of that effort pays off for her – or if she gets burned again in the end.

Are Angela and Tony Still Together?

Angela revealed on Love After Lockup that she tried to break up with Tony. But, she said he begged her to stay. She thinks a lot of that has to do with the fact that he’s locked up and doesn’t want to do that alone. Meanwhile, based on recent social media updates, it looks like the pair may still be together in real-time.

Love After Lockup films in advance. And, even though Tony was in a lot of trouble this season, it looks like he’s a free man now. He regularly updates his Instagram with snaps of him out and about in town. And, he has a few pics of him cozying up to Angela. Certainly, it seems  the pair are still together. With the WE tv season winding down, it’ll be worth keeping an eye on any further relationship updates from the pair.

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