‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie and Clint Brady Live it Up in Hollywood – Watch Out L.A.

Love After Lockup‘s Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady are one of the most discussed couples from the last season of the WE TV show. Since the show has been off the air, the couple have kept themselves busy. They recently traveled to Hollywood and some Love After Lockup watchers suspect it might be to film a special. In addition, Tracie Wagaman has been trying to sell items online and even talked about trademarking one of Clint’s most famous catchphrases. What’s the scoop?

Love After Lockup News: Tracie Wagaman & Clint Brady in Hollywood

Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman are in Hollywood. Many Love After Lockup followers suspect they’re there to film Love After Lockup specials for WE TV. It certainly seems like Clint Brady’s goddess isn’t a fan of Tinseltown. She recently posted on Instagram that Hollywood “sucks”. She also said that she prefers Las Vegas. Speculation on IG suggests that the couples are there for a promotional photoshoot.

Another aspect that adds fuel to the speculation is the fact that fellow Love After Lockup couple Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago are also in Hollywood. Brittany shared happy snaps with Marcelino and told fans that she’d never been to the beach until now. It certainly seems like Brittany and Marcelino enjoy soaking up the California sun much more than their co-stars.

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Love After Lockup: Purchase Clint and Tracie’s Couch

Tracie Wagaman has also been busy in the online marketplace. It seems she is selling two couches for $25 each. A major selling point seems to be that this furniture was featured on Love After Lockup. Added to this, Tracie sold a phone with a “crack” in it for $75. Love After Lockup watchers may recognize it as the phone Clint threw when Tracie was arrested following their wedding night. It’s unclear exactly what this money will be put toward, but buying crack is certainly on a lot of fans’ minds.

There’s also talk of Tracie Wagaman wanting to trademark the “MF Crack” catchphrase. Its definitely stuck in the months since Clint Brady first said it in reference to Tracie’s drug problem while talking to his mom. Popular fan pages like Love After Lockup Savage Edition use it frequently in posts talking about the couple. It makes sense that Tracie would want to cash-in on the popular catchphrase.

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What’s Next?

Tracie Wagaman certainly has a devoted following on social media. She interacts with viewers regularly on Facebook. One of the questions fans have is when they will see Clint Brady and his goddess next. The next season of Love After Lockup features an all-new cast.

Even so, rumors are circulating that Clint Brady and his wife Tracie will soon appear in a Love After Lockup:Where Are They Now? special for WE TV. Some viewers want to see this couple on their own show. With all this speculation making the rounds, this is definitely something worth keeping an eye on in the coming weeks.

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