‘Love After Lockup’: Lacey’s Ex-Con Lover John Arrested Again

Love After Lockup‘s Lacey has a love triangle currently going on in the new season of the WE tv show with John Slater and Shane. She said outright that she has always had a thing for the bad boy, criminal types. On the current season of the show, Lacey is double-dipping with two convicts, John and Shane. And, based on the latest info, John was arrested again.

Love After Lockup Update: John Slater Behind Bars Again

Lacey’s other guy, John Slater, was booked on August 17. His charges include felony drug possession, DWI, possession of drug paraphernalia, and refusal to submit to a blood/breath test. It seems he was released not long after that. By August 27 he was posting on Facebook and advertising moving into a new “crib”. But, with the current pending charges and his past criminal history, he may not be able to enjoy it for very long.

One of the interesting aspects about Love After Lockup is the question of whether or not former convicts will go back to their old ways. Many viewers root for cast members upon their release. But, the reality is many of them do end up going back to their old habits. Love After Lockup watchers recently saw this with Tracie Wagaman. Police picked her up in August for drug possession.


Love After Lockup News: Lacey Moving on with Shane?

It seems Lacey may no longer be concerned with John Slater at all. Early on in the current Love After Lockup season, she was already seeing Shane. She even talked with John on the phone while Shane waited in the car. Currently, Lacey hasn’t come clean about her other lockup lover. And, based on these latest developments, John could be back behind bars again soon.

Love After Lockup viewers following this story in real-time know who Lacey ends up with. The young mother chose Shane and the pair married back in July with a beach ceremony. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem like John Slater is bitter about what Lacey did. But, with these new charges pending, he may have more important things to worry about.

How Does This Unfold with John and Lacey?

Lacey, John and Shane isn’t the first Love After Lockup love triangle fans have seen. The relationship between Michael Simmons, Sarah Simmons, and Megan was a focal point throughout the show’s first two seasons and accompanying spinoff. And, even though watchers know how this one ends in real-time, it’ll be worth seeing how things go down once both men learn the news.

Meanwhile, John Slater’s next court date is October 18. It will be interesting to see what his sentence is. Especially given his priors. But, even though he and Lacey are no longer together, it certainly seems like they’re on good terms. On the current season of Love After Lockup, Lacey opted to not have sex with Shane on their first night together in a hotel. But, with John out of the picture romantically, it’s safe to assume she went all the way with her new husband since then.

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