‘Love After Lockup’: Mary and Dominic Nora – Are They Still Together?

Love After Lockup couple Mary Dalla Nora and Dominic Dalla Nora didn’t meet on an inmate dating website unlike many others on the WE tv show. In fact, Mary met Dominic before he went to prison for aggravated assault. He had to serve time over a fight in a night club. However, Mary stuck by his side through the years. Once released, Mary and Dominic got married. So, where is the LAL duo now – are they still together?

Love After Lockup: Mary & Dominic Dalla Nora’s Love Story

Mary Dalla Nora met Dominic Dalla Nora when he just got out of jail. Mary said on Love After Lockup that when she first saw Dom, it was love at first sight. However, after spending only a month together, Dominic was back in prison. Mary didn’t want people to know that she was dating someone who was in prison. But, she also didn’t want to end her relationship with him.

The Love After Lockup celeb was hoping that when Dominic Nora was out of prison, he wouldn’t get into more trouble. But, he had a hard time adjusting to life outside of prison. This caused Dom to act like a different person.

This made Mary D fear he’d no longer want to marry her. In the end, Dominic appreciated everything Mary did for him and sticking by his side. So, the Love After Lockup couple had a small wedding – just the two of them. But, later they hosted a wedding reception for their families.

WEtv Star Stays Out Of Trouble

When Dominic Dalla Nora was done serving his time in prison, he had a lot of rules and restrictions to follow. He wasn’t able to live with Mary Nora right away. The Love After Lockup reality star had to live in a halfway home. He couldn’t drink any alcohol. And, Dominic Nora wanted to make sure he wouldn’t get into any trouble while on probation. Plus, he hoped to get a job and make money.

The Love After Lockup ex-inmate was seemingly able to stay out of trouble. Now, Dominic Dalla Nora no longer has to follow any restrictions or rules. In November, Mary D shared that Dominic is finally free. She wrote that he “is officially off of parole and free!” Before that, he bounced in and out of the corrections system for 10 years.

Love After Lockup: Dominic Dalla Nora and Mary – Are They Still Together?

Mary Dalla Nora and her husband Dominic Dalla Nora are among the very few Love After Lockup couples not constantly dealing with drama. Dominic put his time in prison in the past. Now, the couple’s focused on their future together. Although, the duo’s about to be a trio.

In October, Mary Dalla Nora shared the exciting news that there will be another Love After Lockup baby. Mary shared a picture of herself and Dominic Dalla Nora hugging each other. While she is holding ultrasound pictures. In the caption she wrote, Baby Daddy & Babby Mama coming April 2020″. Dominic and Mary D will welcome a baby boy in the new year.

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