‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Shane and John Finally Come Face-to-Face in Explosive Confrontation Over Lacey

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal the most anticipated confrontation this season between Lacey‘s two men Shane Whitlow and John Slater. The buildup toward this final showdown has been there all season as John is finally free. Will this face to face meeting prove to be as explosive as advertised? What do sneak peek clips reveal?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: John Slater and Former Inmate Shane Whitlow Face Each Other

This confrontation has been billed as the highlight of the season since it began. Lacey juggling two inmates at the same time has been one of the most popular storylines to follow. And, Love After Lockup spoilers show it all comes to a head. This has the same hype as Sarah Simmons duking it out with Megan over Michael Simmons – taking that love triangle to a boiling point. And, it looks like this showdown between John Slater and Shane Whitlow could end up the same.

Lacey admits in a Love After Lockup spoilers video that this meeting has the potential to blow up in her face. Particularly after she rejected Shane’s ring and proposal. Things got heated and went from shouting to Lacey physically assaulting Shane. And, all of this came to a boil over the fact that John Slater would be a free man the following day. Meanwhile, Shane Whitlow admits in spoiler clips that he will “knock John’s a** the fu** out”.

Love After Lockup: John

Does Shane Get the Last Laugh?

For those following Love After Lockup updates in real-time, Lacey ended up choosing Shane Whitlow over John Slater. The pair married in a beach ceremony. And, they even teased that Lacey is expecting her first child with her younger lockup lover. Lacey gave Shane back his ring on the show. But, she certainly seems to have made up her mind since then regarding which inmate she wants to spend her life with.

John Slater recently posted some incendiary claims on social media about the couple. He called Lacey a “crackbabby” and said Shane gave her herpes. Meanwhile, John was recently arrested again. And, Shane took the time to gloat and rub salt in the wound. He posted John Slater’s recent arrest record and said “Damn karmas a bi*** aint it”. With John back behind bars and Lacey on his arm, Shane Whitlow seems to have walked away with the better deal in the end.

What to Expect From Lacey’s Men?

Even though Love After Lockup watchers following in real-time know how this love triangle plays out, it’ll be interesting to see how things go down in the upcoming episode. This moment has been building all season. And, it will be worth tuning in to see how it all goes down – and whether or not a brawl ensues between the two men.

Interestingly, Lacey said the new episode is “messy” and encouraged her followers to grab the popcorn. Certainly, viewers will have to tune in to see if the show delivers after hyping this moment all season.

Catch Love After Lockup, Friday nights on  the WE tv channel.

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