‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: John Fights with Lacey’s Dad in Season Finale

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal John Slater gets into it with Lacey‘s dad. He was never a fan of his daughter dating inmates. And, John was set to live with Lacey and her family out of the joint. Spoilers report tension – especially given the recent drama with Shane Whitlow. What’s the latest?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Lacey Picks Shane Whitlow, But Not Done with John Slater

For many Love After Lockup fans, the big showdown between John Slater and Shane Whitlow was a major letdown. In addition, the showdown appears to have been staged and scripted as the scene was filmed in two different locations. So, that brought a lot of questions to the surface in terms of the legitimacy of the entire thing.

That face-to-face meeting between John and Shane has been a major selling point for this Love After Lockup season. So, it left many Love After Lockup viewers disappointed. But, even though Lacey chose Shane Whitlow in the end, it doesn’t mean John Slater is entirely out of her life. And, it looks like her father isn’t happy about it.

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Love After Lockup: John Gets Into it with Lacey’s Dad

Lacey’s father has been critical of her getting with inmates all season on Love After Lockup. He believes his daughter is making poor choices and putting her children at risk. And, Love After Lockup spoilers show things only escalate when John Slater is around her dad. Even though things went south between Lacey and John (and she chose Shane Whitlow), John isn’t entirely out of her life. Lacey met with John behind Shane’s back and had him take a paternity test. Meanwhile, she went with Shane to pick out a cake for their wedding.

Love After Lockup spoilers report things escalate between John Slater and Lacey’s father. Lacey’s dad can be very blunt and often says what’s on his mind. He made his daughter cry in a previous episode. Now, it looks like he says something that rubs John the wrong way. John says in spoilers promos that he should “fu**” Lacey’s  dad up. So, it’s clear that her ex and her dad definitely don’t like one another.

What to Expect on the Season Finale

It all comes down to the final two-hour episode of Love After Lockup to wrap-up the season. WE tv watchers following things in real-time know John Slater is back in jail. Meanwhile, Lacey and Shane Whitlow married in the beach ceremony they picked out cakes for. In addition, Lacey and he husband Shane hinted that they’re expecting a child.

Certainly, it will be interesting to see how this love triangle wraps in the final episode of the season. With John Slater back in jail and Shane Whitlow happily married with Lacey, it certainly seems like Shane got the better deal in the end.

Be sure to tune in for the Love After Lockup finale, only on WE tv Friday night.

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