‘Love After Lockup’: John Slater Spills Dirt On Lacey and Shane

Love After Lockup star John Slater took to social media to reveal shocking information about Lacey’s relationship with Shane Whitlow. Josh found out about Shane while he was still in jail. So, you can only imagine how angry he was. With the episodes now airing, he took to Instagram to share his thoughts. He spoke poorly about Lacey and her new boyfriend/husband. But, not without calling her a few names. However, the post doesn’t seem to be too clear. Plus, his bad grammar and spelling doesn’t help.

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Love After Lockup – John Slater No Longer Behind Bars

According to reports by Soap Dirt, John got in trouble with the law again in August. His charges were: possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, DWI and a refusal to submit a blood/breath test. The Love After Lockup celeb was let out shortly after his arrest. It sure didn’t take John Slater long to go back to his old ways. His court date was set to take place on October 18.

It seems like the Love After Lockup cast member may have not had to spend any time in jail. Since he has been active online. Earlier this month he posted a picture on Instagram of motorcycles. He wrote in the caption, “was a good day to be free!” 

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Love After Lockup Update: WE tv Star Reveals Lacey Marries Shane Whitlow

John Slater proposed to Lacey before his time spent in jail. In which Lacey accepted his proposal. The two have known each other for a very long time. While in jail, the pair kept in constant contact. But, Lacey was taking off her engagement ring and talking to someone new. Now it seems like John is out of the picture. As for their wedding, looks like it will never happen.

The Love After Lockup reality star revealed that Lacey got married to the man she was talking to while John Slater was in jail. Lacey was talking to two inmates at once. John and Shane Whitlow. Neither of the two men knew about each other. Until Lacey came clean. However, this love triangle ends with Lacey choosing Shane Whitlow. Lacey and Shane had a beach wedding in July. The marriage was confirmed by John when he called  Shane Lacey’s husband on an Instagram story post.

Love After Lockup: John

John Slater Bashes Shane Whitlow and Lacey Online

John took to Instagram to bash his ex-fiance’s new marriage. He definitely didn’t have any kind words to say. John Slater seemingly referred to Lacey as a “crack baby.” Although it was not sure who he was exactly referring to. He also said that whoever he is referring to was molested by their father’s brother.

The Love After Lockup convict didn’t stop there. John also revealed personal details about Lacey and her husband Shane. John accused Shane Whitlow of giving Lacey an STD. He doesn’t mention any names in the post. Yet, the Instagram rant came after this week’s Love After Lockup episode aired. He must’ve not been too happy with what he saw.

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