‘Love After Lockup’: Lacey’s ex John Slater out of Prison – Hints at Reunion?

Love After Lockup‘s John Slater, the popular reality felon, was recently released from jail, and it looks like he enjoys his freedom. Meanwhile, his ex-fiance Lacey teased filming again for the WEtv show with current husband Shane Whitlow. What’s the latest on this on-again, off-again love triangle?

Love After Lockup: John Slater – Life Post-Prison

A Virginia Beach Circuit Court representative told Soap Dirt that John Slater was out of jail earlier in June. Turns out, John is still on probation. But, at least for now, he is outside prison walls and seems to enjoy life.

Meanwhile, Lacey’s on-again, off-again boyfriend finally posted an update online. John is relatively quiet since his release. But, he recently shared a pic with his Love After Lockup viewers on the trails in Virginia Beach. The WEtv celeb enjoys the “weather”. And, more importantly, it’s obvious that he enjoys being out of prison.

Love After Lockup: John Slater

Love After Lockup: Does Lacey Still Want John Slater?

Lacey juggling John Slater and Shane Whitlow was a major part of her storyline on Love After Lockup. And, even after she and Shane walked down the aisle on the WEtv spinoff Life After Lockup, things with John lingered. Lacey often saw John behind Shane’s back. Lacey also kissed John after she found out Shane slept with someone else.

Interestingly, Lacey answered Love After Lockup fan questions online. And, her answers came shortly before John Slater’s recent update. A lot of viewers want to know if she and Shane plan to return for more episodes. Lacey said “you’ll see” when a follower asked her directly. So, it looks like she leaves the door open to film more content.

Moreover, another Love After Lockup watcher asked for an update on her status with John Slater. And, Lacey hinted that watchers will see “what’s been going on”. So, even though Shane Whitlow’s spouse didn’t confirm anything officially, it seems fans haven’t seen the last of her.

In addition, if Lacey and Shane Whitlow return, there’s a good chance John Slater returns as well now that he’s a free man again. The network seems to like love triangle storylines. And, bringing this trio back is a sure way to get Love After Lockup followers tuning in.

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What Happens Next for Lacey and her Two Men?

John Slater doesn’t update Love After Lockup fans online often. But, it’s worth seeing if that changes now that he’s out of the clink again. Meanwhile, even though John is out, he’s still on probation. So, he needs to watch what he does if he wants to enjoy the outdoors long-term.

John Slater’s most recent arrest (and stint in jail) was due to violating probation. It’s possible he does that again if he isn’t careful. As WEtv watchers know, former felons can fall back into old habits and wind up in jail again as a result. So, it’s worth watching what he does next – and whether he rekindles anything with Lacey now that he’s out.

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