‘Life After Lockup’: Lacey Fakes Shane-John Drama for Ratings?

Life After Lockup teased more drama between Shane Whitlow and fellow convict John Slater over Lacey all season long on the WEtv spinoff – but is it all for ratings? Lacey appears to kick Shane to the curb in the season-ender. But, the off-camera narrative is drastically different for the trio. Did Sharp Entertainment fraud viewers?

Life After Lockup: Shane Whitlow & John Slater Face Off Again – Sort of

Just like on the previous season of Love After Lockup, the pivotal moment in this season’s storyline is the showdown between John Slater and former inmate Shane Whitlow over Lacey. LAL watchers see Shane pack his things in a trash bag as Lacey kicks him out. Meanwhile, John Slater and Shane Whitlow exchange verbal jabs.

During the previous face-to-face meeting on Love After Lockup, locals from the area pointed out the segment filmed in two different locations. And, many followers called out production for staging scenes.

And, much like their previous exchange on Love After Lockup, not much goes down beyond that. Life After Lockup production gets between both men before anything gets physical. But, was the drama over Lacey staged for ratings? Certainly, real life versus reel life is drastically different in this case.

Life After Lockup: Shane Whitlow - Lacey

LALU: Shane and Lacey Happily Married?

With all the drama going on in this love triangle on Life After Lockup, many viewers question how much is real and how much is for ratings. Cast members stay quiet about things like relationship status until after the finale airs due to non-disclosure agreements. But, now that the season is in the books, both Lacey and hubby Shane Whitlow posted some telling info online.

Shane Whitlow shared a snap with his wife. Along with that, he wrote the caption “Happily married”. So, it looks like things are in a good place for the pair off-camera. So, did Sharp Entertainment create drama in the love triangle storyline to boost ratings?

The season finale of Life After Lockup makes it seem like Lacey kicks Shane Whitlow to the curb and chooses John. But, based on where things currently stand off-camera, that’s clearly not the case.

Where Things Stand for Life After Lockup Trio

Even though Life After Lockup makes it seem like Lacey chooses John Slater in the season finale, the reality is John Slater is back behind bars. He was picked up back in October 2019. Up to this point, he has no release date. So, he could be behind bars for a while for this latest stint.

Meanwhile, Shane Whitlow and wife Lacey had some drama online throughout this current Life After Lockup season. But, based on their latest updates following the season finale, they seem to be in a good place as a married pair. Along with Shane’s update, Lacey changed her profile pic to a snap from their wedding.

The producers behind Life After Lockup also produce 90 Day Fiance. And, they’ve frauded watchers in the past to maximize ratings. Love triangles are popular when it comes to Love After Lockup and its spinoff. And, that’s the bread and butter of fellow cast member Michael Simmons’ storyline. So, did Sharp Entertainment replicate that with Lacey, John, and Shane?

Either way, John Slater is back behind bars and Shane Whitlow and Lacey appear to be a happy couple. So, despite all the on-camera drama, it looks like Shane gets the girl in the end.

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