‘Love After Lockup’: Lacey and Shane Share Huge Pregnancy Update

Love After Lockup‘s Lacey and Shane Whitlow shared some big news with their WEtv followers about her pregnancy. Lacey trying for a baby with Shane is a big part of their storyline on the network spinoff. And, the young mother recently revealed a major update.

Love After Lockup: Lacey’s Pregnancy with Shane Whitlow

Lacey getting pregnant is a big part of her Life After Lockup storyline. Even though she already has kids, she wanted more with her hubby. But, it wasn’t an easy road getting to this point for the pair. Lacey had to go through the in vitro process in order to conceive with Shane.

On top of whether or not the procedure would work, another concern for the Love After Lockup couple was the price tag. Lacey said on the WEtv spinoff that she forked over $25k to get the procedure. And, she said she only had one shot to get it right. Meanwhile, luckily for the husband and wife, it worked.

Life After Lockup: Shane Whitlow - Lacey

Love After Lockup: Lacey Confirms Triplets

On the mid-season finale of Life After Lockup, Lacey’s doctor said there was a possibility she could have up to three babies. Both Shane Whitlow and his wife were hoping to have one. But, three is a big deal for the pair. Shane was taken aback. And, he said it was something he wasn’t prepared for. Especially after being furloughed from his job due to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Lacey had some big news for her Love After Lockup fans – she confirmed there are triplets on the way. Lacey shared a pic locking lips with hubby, Shane Whitlow. And, the expecting parents seem over the moon with the news.

Lacey shared a baby update recently with a shirt that read “Baby Whitlow”. But, with Lacey confirming she has triplets on the way, they’ll have to multiply that shirt – along with everything else – by three. In the meantime, the Love After Lockup married pair are excited for what’s to come.

Love After Lockup: Lacey - Shane Whitlow

What to Expect from WEtv Pair

The current season of Life After Lockup is on a mid-season break. And, in the meantime, viewers catch up with current couples on the main franchise. But, Lacey added in her update with her spouse, Shane Whitlow, that she can’t wait to share more when new Life After Lockup content returns in November.

In addition, she thanked all her Love After Lockup followers for their support as she and Shane Whitlow embark on this next chapter of their married lives. Meanwhile, you can see Lacey’s baby bump growing in the latest photo. And, with three babies in her belly, that baby bump will grow even more in the coming months.

It’s likely Shane Whitlow and Lacey won’t be able to share too much with new episodes of Life After Lockup coming soon. But, based on this latest reveal, most Love After Lockup watchers are happy for Shane and his wife. Many viewers congratulated the couple and wished them the best. And, it looks like everything goes well for the pair as they move into the next phase of their lives together.

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