‘Love after Lockup’: Lacey and Shane Pregnant – Baby Bump Hints in New Pics?

Love After Lockup‘s Shane Whitlow and his wife Lacey Whitlow look like they may be expecting a baby based on hints in new photos of the LALU couple. Perhaps, they made the most of quarantine and have a bun in the oven. Of course, we can’t confirm yet — but it sure looks like it. So, check out the pics below and see for yourself.

Love After Lockup: Shane Whitlow and Wife Lacey Make Quarantine Baby?

Love After Lockup updates suspect Lacey and her husband Shane Whitlow might have made a baby during the COVID lockdown. Remember, Shane claimed he and Lacey do the deed between 5-10 times per day. Of course, that was before Coronavirus put everyone in isolation.

So, chances are those numbers skyrocketed during the quarantine. No doubt, there wasn’t much else for Lacey and Shane to do while stuck at home besides getting busy. And, judging by the photos below, it looks like the Love After Lockup couple (maybe) made a baby.

Love After Lockup: Lacey - Shane Whitlow

LALU: New Pics Suggest Baby Bump

Recent pictures suggest Love After Lockup stars Shane Whitlow and wifey Lacey are pregnant. In the pic above, there isn’t much of her belly showing. However, the part that is looks hard and round like a pregnancy bump. Plus, the placement of Shane’s hands suggests he’s holding her bump. Besides that, she said she’s “glowing.”

Then, in the photo below, Lacey covers up with a blanket, so it looks like she’s hiding her stomach. But, the part that is showing looks rounder than usual. Of course, she could just have put on a little weight because she tends to fluctuate. However, the distribution of the weight makes it look like the Love After Lockup celeb is expecting.

Love After Lockup: Lacey

Love After Lockup: Lacey Whitlow and Hubby Shane Still Going Strong

These days, it sure looks like Lacey and hubs Shane Whitlow are in a very good place. Of course, they had some issues in the past with Shane’s infidelity. And, with Lacey’s ex-fiance John Slater. But, now, they seem to be on the right track and happy as can be.

Plus, if there is a little bundle on the way that is sure to make things even more wonderful. Again, this not confirmed, but all signs point to a baby for Shane and Lacey. That will make her a mom of four if it’s true. Check here for updates on Shane Whitlow and Lacey Whitlow to see if they are expecting.

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