‘Life After Lockup’: Lacey & Shane Whitlow Baby Update

Life After Lockup pair Shane Whitlow and Lacey teased the arrival of their child recently. There has been speculation for some time that Lacey was pregnant with Shane’s baby. And, the pair recently shared a happy update.

Life After Lockup: Lacey & Shane Whitlow Share Baby Update

Life After Lockup‘s Lacey and husband, Shane Whitlow, recently updated their followers on their baby on the way. Lacey and her Love After Lockup husband try for a baby in the show. Viewers are curious about “Baby Whitlow”. And, there’s a lot of interest surrounding this latest bundle of joy.

Lacey shared an update with her Love After Lockup followers hinting at the arrival. Meanwhile, Shane Whitlow followed suit and shared the same update as well. “Baby Whitlow” is written on a white shirt – along with Lacey’s positive pregnancy test. And, there’s also a board in the pic that says “worth every shot”. Meanwhile, there are numerous syringes bordering the frame. And, the couple added that he or she is “coming soon”.

Life After Lockup: Shane Whitlow - Lacey

Life After Lockup: Difficult Process for Shane & Wife Lacey

Even though Lacey has several kids, trying to get pregnant with Love After Lockup hubby, Shane Whitlow, wasn’t easy for the pair. Shane said in Life After Lockup episodes that Lacey went through an embryo transfer. And, she said later that the doctors transferred two embryos.

Following a successful procedure, it’s common for the patient to have daily shots of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) for two weeks. But, based on the number of empty syringes in Shane Whitlow and spouse Lacey’s latest update, it looks like she gave herself shots for longer than that.

Still, the fact that the Life After Lockup duo are expecting has to feel good for the soon-to-be mother and father. And, many viewers congratulated them.

Love After Lockup: Lacey - Shane Whitlow

New Challenges for WEtv Pair

Going through the in vitro fertilization process is challenging for any couple. But, it’s especially difficult due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Shane Whitlow couldn’t be there with his wife when she went in to get the embryo transfer due to lockdown restrictions in place. And, Lacey said on Life After Lockup that the whole process scares her.

On top of all that, there’s also the financial concerns surrounding the IVF process. Lacey said it costs up to $25,000 to have a baby. And, that’s not a small amount by any means. Lacey said she couldn’t afford to go through the process more than once. So, there was a lot riding on this being successful. Meanwhile, trying to navigate all of this while going through a pandemic makes things that much more difficult.

Still, based on the most recent updates from the happy Life After Lockup couple, it’s clear the pregnancy is a success. And, that everything they went through to get to this point is worth it in terms of getting the result they want and growing their family.

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